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How far down the rabbit hole has our nation fallen with the electoral choices we are given? Being a true socialist thinker ( not a dirty Commie Marxist folks, as they label anyone on the ‘ Left’) I am aghast at what has transpired since my college days during the Vietnam debacle. The Two Party/One Party façade was always there but this is insane! Imagine Donald Trump (son of a former KKK  member and real estate tycoon) who really never had to worry about making a living, and Joe Biden (known by those ‘in the know’ as the ‘ Senator from DuPont’, Delaware) squaring off once again. Two guys who have made their livelihoods by bullshitting the public to get where they are now. Both men are basically tools of what is the Deep State, so let’s cut the crap trying to absolve them!

Trump got where he was by inheriting his racist father’s kingdom. Anybody  remember how the Trumps did all they could to keep black bodies out of their buildings for years? He was once again on the wrong side of controversial issues like the Central Park Mugging case, when he took out newspaper ads demanding  the death penalty for those falsely accused young black men. Before that Trump’s bone spurs kept him out of the draft and/ or Vietnam in the late 60s… though he supported that phony war. Perhaps he learned from Junior Bush, whose old man got him into the Air National Guard and away from going over to ‘ The Shit’ as they called the Nam. Anyone speculate on how many women The Donald may have paid for their abortions? I don’t know the facts but one does wonder about such a braggart and his own free love lifestyle. Now he is the hero of the Christian Fascists, appointing anti abortion Supreme Court Justices. Sad.

Sleepy Joe as they call him was always one of this writer’s least favorite Democrats. The guy was on his own ‘ wrong side’ of important issues… and he still is. Let’s see, he actually said that anti Vietnam War protestors were ‘ Assholes’ and got out of the draft with student deferments and then due to having Asthma … while he was a lifeguard. Go figure. He supported President Clinton’s draconian Welfare Reform and never spoke out for Medicare for All while Senator. Biden railed against Anita Hill and her charges that Clarence Thomas pressured her for sex when she worked for him. Of course, Senator Biden supported both wars on Iraq 1 and 2. Ditto for the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq that destroyed US credibility throughout the world ( Of course Trump was on the same page with all of the above). Biden as VP and President made sure that Ukraine and now Israel gets hundreds of billions of our tax dollars. He is what they call ‘ The quintessential Neo Con’. Trump is in love with Putin and Russia ( wonder how much money he did and can make with them) and is as ‘ Pro Genocide Israel’ as Biden.

Before any conclusions are being made, dear reader, remember this: Biden and his party, as terrible as they are, will never sink to be as overtly Fascist and even Neo Nazi as Trump and his. Never! If Trump and his party take over our government we will ALL experience what Germany was like in 1933 after ‘you know who’ took over. The Democrats and Biden will do better in helping the poor and indigent and us working stiffs to maybe some lesser degree. Not enough but to perhaps stop some of the bleeding. With Trump and his regime it will be ‘ Each man ( and woman) for himself’.  Some of my leftish friends will shrug at this, but I will continue to vote for the Democrats until this stench is dissipated.

PA Farruggio
June , 2024