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The fascist Republican Party keeps throwing out daggers, whether it be on a woman’s right to choose, worker’s rights ( Imagine, they would like to cut beyond recognition FDR’s National Labor Relations Board) , Medicare and Medicaid ( which many states have already cut in regard to Medicaid coverage), Social Security ( which millions like my wife and I rely on heavily), treatment of the asylum seekers ( coming here for jobs due to what our Central and South American ‘ friendly nations’ have done to starve these folks economically), and now in the news: Gay Rights. Are you aware what is going on in Colorado in regard to gay folks? Freedom of speech means nothing as those ( sorry but true) Neo Nazis there want to forbid the hanging of Gay Pride Flags. I had a former acquaintance of mine tell me that the new agenda in public schools is to ‘Groom young boys into becoming girls’. A client of mine swore that the schools in his area of Ohio were ‘ Putting kitty litter in the boys’ bathroom for the young kids to use because they think they are kittens.’ No shit, I am dead serious.

Meanwhile, back at the White House Ranch, Sleepy Joe AKA Genocide Joe is getting handled by a cabal of Neo Con morons! He is front and center of continually sending hundreds of billions to the Neo Nazi infiltrated Ukrainian government. Folks, this has absolutely nothing to do with aiding Ukrainian democracy! No, it is part of our nation’s economic rivalry with Russia, and this writer is no fan of Mr. Putin. The Republicans, meanwhile, have set their sights on going headfirst after China, which will be a major mistake. You don’t ‘ Poke the Bear’, the Chinese one! Currently, since Oct 7th, Joe the idiot, along with his Republican counterparts, with Trump as leader of that band of wolves, is going all out to subsidize the Zionists who control Israel in their quest to Ethnically Cleanse the Palestinian people! How much of the world has to say NO JOE before he ceases this madness? Most Americans polled say that what Israel is doing is hideous ( They just killed 400 Palestinians in Gaza to free four hostages, and wounded hundreds more, and now place the remaining Israeli hostages in a tough spot if Hamas decides to ‘ Do the Full Monty’).

If Biden and those who whisper in his tired ears want to defeat the MAGA machine, he needs to act and damn fast! After what the IDF has recently done to destroy thousands of Palestinians Biden and his minions need to say ” Enough is enough!” and stop ALL funding and weaponry to Israel. At the same time he needs to have his UN representatives push for UN sponsored peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Remember this Sleepy Joe, the majority of Americans polled are not happy with our involvement in that war and with the Zionist machine as well. If you are relying on enough votes to stop Trump and his fascist express, this can only help.

Finally, for Biden to ‘ Seal the deal’ in November ( he should have stepped down as he had promised in 2020) he needs to sell the idea to Americans of a Universal Basic Income. Forget the phony dissentions by those who really don’t need it, the overwhelming majority of working stiffs, retirees and just downright poor people will literally scoot to the polling places if $ 1200 to $1500 per month is on the table for ALL citizens. Only a jackass ( and I don’t just mean the Democratic one) would say NO to that!

PA Farruggio
June, 2024