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Time to Rein In the Super Rich

The question is how long can working stiffs, who make up perhaps most of the 99+% of us, tolerate the other, almost as potent virus called ‘The Super Rich’? Does anyone realize that these ‘less than 1/4 of one percent of us are mega millionaires? It used to be, like...

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Four! More! Years!

Nothing is certain but death.  Taxes used to be, too, but recent legislation proved they’re not, if you have enough money.  So, it can’t be said with total confidence that Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee to scrum with Trump, but after the last massacre it’s...

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Money for Something

Isn’t it funny how whenever Uncle Empire needs to find some of that green to solve a problem THEY  deem vital, they find it. When they DON’T deem it necessary they don’t! Go back 12 years or so when the villains covered in Aaron Glantz’s fine new book Homewreckers...

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The ‘ DemonCrats’ Gift to Trump

Since we are the only major industrialized nation to have but two political parties with any clout, the corporate masters can control everything... and they do! You have the DemonCrats and of course the RepugnantCans, neither the ' Party of FDR' or ' The Party of...

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Natural disasters come barreling out of nowhere, unforeseen.  Before they occur, cataclysms and catastrophic events of the physical world–tidal wave, earthquake, wildfire, eruption–are inconceivable.  They blindside us utterly.  Human-caused calamities are quite...

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Banana Amerika: The Fix Is In!!!

This writer has watched countless boxing matches over the years, and has seen how in many instances ' The Fix is in'. The powers that be want a certain prospect to move up the ranks, they ' Fix ' it. With boxing all you needed was two judges and maybe the referee, and...

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South Carolina Primary: What Does It Mean?

What are the political ‘takeaways’ from yesterday’s South Carolina primary? In just few words: not many. None that change the fundamental dynamics that have in play throughout the primaries in general thus far to date. Biden bought himself some time, at the expense of...

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