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Piling on Dirty Harvey.. not the War Criminals

Channel surfing yesterday and all the empire’s main ( so called ) media had the same breaking news. The jury came out and finally got the #MeToo movement’s poster boy, fat, dirty Harvey Weinstein. Well, dirty Harvey deserved what he got coming to him, even if half of...

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Junior High School politics

Many baby boomers like this writer seem to have better ‘ long term memory’ than what just transpired recently. I can remember, almost vividly, when we held our student government elections over 50 years ago.  Current NY Senator Chuck Schumer, running for school...

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The Perpetual War Scam

Years ago the late great historian and author Gore Vidal came up with that phrase ‘Perpetual War’. He knew, that even back to the early days of our republic, we are a nation predicated on Perpetual War. Whether it be war on Native Americans ( who were here way before...

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Homewreckers and Nationwreckers United

This writer just interviewed Aaron Glantz on his new bestselling book Homewreckers. This is more than a ‘must read’… it is a ‘Have to Immediately Read’! Glantz covers the beginnings and the rash aftermath of the 2008 Subprime Housing bubble. Even though I have...

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Amerika Down the Rabbit Hole

In Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Alice chases the white rabbit and falls down the well into a world of silliness and nonsense. Not so for our dear Amerika and us working stiffs. The world that we have found ourselves in may be nonsensical, but surely much more...

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Farruggio in 20/20

Now, we all know that there is not a chance that I will be elected president. I guess I have as much of a chance as poor Bernie Sanders has with this current and corrupt Democratic Party. In his case this writer has even changed my political affiliation from Green...

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What’s Love Got to Do with It? Everything!

It’s really interesting how many of us equate how the love of God should be expressed. Many religions dictate that we who care should restrict ourselves to doing good deeds and NOT becoming too rebellious towards the ‘things of the world’. Hogwash! Just look at the...

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