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D & D Amerika

Coming from Brooklyn, NYC, and having a dad who was both a longshoreman and bookmaker, this writer knows a ‘ thing or two about a thing or two’ concerning the mob. In colloquial terms when someone knows something about an illegal act and keeps his or her mouth shut,...

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Blood and Soil!

In the 1970 film Patton, we see a scene where two battle worn soldiers marching along the road are passed by a jeep carrying General Patton. One guy looks and then says ” There goes old ‘ Blood and guts.’ ” The other soldier smirks and answers ” Yeah, OUR blood and...

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Something In the Air

A 1969 song written and sung by John ‘ Speedy ‘ Keen of the group Thunderclap Newman fits too well today… much too well: Call out the instigators Because there’s something in the air We’ve got to get together sooner or later Because the revolution’s here and you know...

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Vaccinate This….But!!

Anyone who was raised in Brooklyn, NYC, like this writer, knows how humongous and diverse this ‘ The Garden Spot of the World ‘  has always been. Each section of our over 3 million populated borough  ( a joke in itself to not have Brooklyn as its own city)  was filled...

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The New American Dream

WE HAVE A NEW AMERICAN DREAM, not of new homes and toasters and microwaves, but of becoming the type of country we always thought we were. The show runs live from 8 pm to 10 pm Eastern time every Thursday. Philip’s segment is at 8:30 pm. Previous shows are available in archive, dating back to February 3, 2011.

The Greanville Post

THE GREANVILLE POST is an antidote to the prevailing brainwash afflicting most people in the United States and much of the Western World. The Greanville Post is an independent left, non-dogmatic publication dedicated to seeking the truth wherever it may be found.

Global Research

The Global Research website at publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focusing on social, political, economic, cultural, strategic and environmental issues.

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