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Water Water Everywhere……

In April I interviewed former World Bank staff member and  geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig via telephone at his home in Geneva. Koenig had just returned from South America , a place where he has travelled to many times . One of the issues that he is very passionate...

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Peak Hubris

“Hubris” is defined as rash and foolish pride, a dangerous overconfidence, manifested with arrogance.  The Deep State vaunts our “exceptionalism”, and since Reagan’s “City on a HIll” trope Americans have been assured by all succeeding Presidents that ours is the...

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The Circus Never Left!

Remember, those who can, the utter joy of going to the circus as a child? It was quite an experience to walk through the sideshow, watching the clowns or viewing the main acts on center stage. This writer sat there, mesmerized by all this for the two hours running....

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Never had a Chance

It was 1956, Brooklyn , NYC, the year after our beloved Dodgers had finally won a World Series from those Damn Yankees. We kids on Dahill Road were ' The Children of Howdy Doody' , for that was the show that all five, six and seven year olds cherished each afternoon....

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Apocalypse Now?

Every high school and college student, and all their parents and grandparents should watch Francis Ford Cappola's Apocalypse Now Redux. This is the 2001 re-cut and extended version of his 1979 classic of the same name. Set in Vietnam at the height of that war ( in...

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The Recipe for Disaster

I tune into many cooking shows lately. They all have lots of recipes for just about any kind of dish one can imagine. Well, from our 21st Century Military Industrial Empire's Cookbook the most popular recipe is this one: Take the Two Party/One Party food fight and add...

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