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You got a government that is run by a Two Party con job. You have one side that borders on outright fascism, if not a return to Germany circa 1932. You have the other side, the ‘ Politically correct’ one, that also sucks on the teat of this Military Industrial Empire. When it comes to a complete nationalized health care system or any form of that dreaded word Socialism, like Pontius Pilate they wash their hands of it. The former party rushes to come down hard on LBTGQ citizens and women who want the choice to end a pregnancy. They don’t want the nasty history of American slavery to be served to our youth in classrooms or through books. They like the fact that less than 10% of American workers belong to unions, while the latter party does squat to resolve that economic sin. But, don’t worry dear fellow citizens, you have your electronic hand held gadget and ear plugged music to nurture you.

For today’s male populace of America, don’t think twice about how deeply you are being knifed by this Super Rich driven empire. To take from Rick in Casablanca ” We’ll always have sports!” With those gadgets in hand or on the television or computer screen you can have 24/7 sports… with the added caveat of gambling on any or all of it. Who gives a rat’s ass at what Hamas did to the Israelis or the genocide of Gaza that Israel retaliated with. Who gives another rat’s ass to what is happening  there or in Ukraine, and all your taxpayer money going down those two rabbit holes to subsidize Neo Nazi governments in both places? We got the run to the Super Bowl to concentrate our minds ( and in many cases our wallets). I’m sure that America’s gadget conscious woman have plenty to take their minds off of what really should matter.

The mainstream ‘ embedded in empire’ media drowns us with Trump Trump Trump on the Democratic Party driven stations, while the Biden Biden and Hunter Biden rhetoric floods the Republican Party driven stations. All the rest of meaningful news and dialogue becomes minutia. All that matters to the half of eligible voters is November, 2024 and who will win the right to represent the Super Rich. Yes and unfortunately it is important to this writer. Why? Well, let’s put it this way. If the Republicans get enough power in 2025 we will see 1933 Germany in many respects. The handlers of the Democratic Party know this, thus they continue to do as little as possible to implement viable progressive actions.

Anybody have a banana?

PA Farruggio
January, 2024