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It has become sacrilegious to ever use Adolph Hitler in any comparison of a current political person or group. Sorry children, but we need to give careful scrutiny to our Republican Party and its leadership, meaning people like The Donald, Governor Sanctimonious, Governor ‘ Hey Abbott’ et all. These guys would have made dear Adolph so proud. OK folks, I realize that Adolph went for the ‘ Full Monty’ on Jews, Gays, Communists and Socialists, liberal teachers, libraries, the mainstream press and all political parties not named National Socialists AKA NAZI Party. Now look at what the three ‘ Not so wise men’ of the current GOP have been doing. Trump wants to be, paraphrasing his own words, a dictator to straighten out this country in his shape ( not physically thank the Lord). He wants to close our border so that only the corporate ‘ Preying Mantises could go in and out. All those brown and black poor souls should stay where they are… which would hurt our low level wage pool. Who would pick our crops, clean the toilets, wash the dishes, make the beds, cut the grass and hammer on the southern roofs in 90+ degree heat, and wipe your parents’ and grandparents’ asses in hospitals and nursing homes? Trump would only outdo his adversary Sleepy Joe when it comes to throwing away our tax money and weapons for Israel as that country cleanses Gaza from its consciousness.

As with ‘ Hey Abbott’ and Gov. Sanctimonious, Trump has the backing of the ‘Christians Who Forgot Christ’ to take away a woman’s right over her own body, and the LBTGQ to live peacefully within their own lifestyle choices. This sad attempt for control over another person’s rights goes against the main tenet of their political party: Freedom and Liberty. Just as with the Covid epidemic they wanted the freedom to cough and sneeze their germs on anyone in their path. No masks indoors, and of course no jabs in their arms. How many of their foolish followers ( including talk radio hosts) are but a memory to the families they left behind? While this ‘ Unholy Three’ were getting their way the only path that mattered was ( and Is) ‘ The White Way’. How dare the schools let young students know about how terrible and deadly slavery was! Gov. Sanctimonious even stated that many slaves ‘ Learned good skills’… while mothers, wives and daughters were being screwed by their masters.

Hitler opposed the Social Democratic Party for being what they were: Phonies and hypocrites. Of course his populism was a charade, just as that of Trump and his party. Of course, the reason why people like Trump, Sanctimonious and ‘ Hey Abbott’ even win elections is the party opposite. The Democratic Party, the party of FDR, had been a shell of that for decades. Sleepy Joe and his crew are equally out of touch as their rivals. Here’s the main difference: The Republicans are the pack of wolves who will devour you. The Democrats are the foxes who will tease you and do as little as possible to help you. Yet, they are currently the only hope we have to stop this country from becoming Germany circa 1933-45. As my late and dear old street corner activist compatriot Walt DeYoung put it so succinctly: Nuff Said!

PA Farruggio
January 2024

Port Orange, Florida