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Nothing is certain but death.  Taxes used to be, too, but recent legislation proved they’re not, if you have enough money.  So, it can’t be said with total confidence that Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee to scrum with Trump, but after the last massacre it’s just fact that Bernie, the White Knight of Social Justice, has taken a wicked punt in the political toolbag.

What is clear is that, though a great many of the young and educated, and a sizable but diverse and scattered collection of the beset and beleaguered Thinking Class, approved and ebulliently endorsed Bernie’s core principles, their actual numbers in the scale of national politics were not nearly as great as their euphoria led them–and a terrified Dem Politburo–to believe.  The raw truth is that, regardless of his ability to draw adoring crowds in tens of thousands to arenas and stadiums, his many committed don’t cut it when compared to the great mass of mainstream Democrat voters.

How else to account for Biden, in state after state, wiping the floor with Bernie, the Giant-killer, who ate Hillary’s lunch and had to be kneecapped by the DNC Mafia in ’16 to stop him?  Of course, we had Marie Antoinette Syndrome back then, with Madame more hated and dreaded by great numbers of voters than that nightmare psycho in No Country For Old Men.

Is it that pathetic “likability” thing again, then?  That warm and generous propensity of the American electorate to embrace some odious sod they’d like to “have a beer with”, despite his being an imbecile and a sociopath?

Well, partly, yes.  Hillary, for what she’s worth, swore nobody liked him or wanted to work with him.  Bernie, in spite of his age, is not a Santa figure, not a holly, jolly old Burl Ives hologram.  He wouldn’t appear beaming from a Norman Rockwell print.  He’s got crust; sober sincerity; little humor and a load of gravitas, none of which infantile America–addled with toon bunnies, ninja turtles, and cuddly bears selling shit–can love.  He wants you to think, and act on your self-interest, and you don’t want to do that, most of you.

After generations of skewed, bent political indoctrination, and relentless propagandizing by the poisonous, amoral Capitalist schlockmeisters who own this country and the world, most Democrats have accepted the fact that others–smarter, richer, higher up–should make their key decisions.

The hold of that induced ignorance and cognitive paralysis is greatest on those subjected to it longest: the over-60s, retired, and aged, who matured before cracks yawned in The Empire’s catechism during Watergate to show the sleazy thugs blighting American lives behind the official bullshit curtain.  These are the political Walking Dead, The Impenetrables, Old Believers who carry in their DNA the incurable virus of pre-Vietnam Exceptionalism, and who will go to their graves rigid with mummified Democrat orthodoxy.

Then there’s the mass of middle-aged Democrat faithful, that slow-witted, moderate, mushy center, native home of Mr. Jones who, as Grace Slick sang, knew something was happening but didn’t know what it was.  These are the passive ones–American “Good Germans”–who have punched in, consumed, and looked away as the US War Machine blew up and bled the backward, baffled Muslim world in its lust for oil, gas and brute hegemony.  They are uneasy with suppressed guilt, fearful of any real aspirations, and they yearn for the safety of braindead serfdom under lullabying masters.

Then, bafflingly, comes the bulk of black Democrats, a category truly hard to fathom.  Of course, it’s clear that black misleadership in Congress is just a whoring toy of the DNC.  They hold their Uncle Tom forts by piously bullshitting their own abused people while betraying them, complicit with the likes of Biden, whose Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act fueled the lethal racism of our black stalag system. The notion that blacks have a true friend in the Senator from MBNA, the very cartoon of a phony, smarmy, jive honky liberal, is sadly mistaken but, pathetically, the hustled  line up time and again to be crassly sold this evil, cynical screw job.  As with organized Labor, Dems feel no obligation to black Americans.  They count them a captive race who demand no reward for slavish loyalty.

For these sets of stagnant souls, the wonder is that the roaring wildfire of damning fact lit by the courage of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden, that incinerated the camouflage of this utterly corrupt, incorrigibly vicious Empire has sparked no fury in their calcified hearts.

And so the grotesque Marche Slave winds on its lugubrious, pathetic way toward the funeral pyre of its own making, while the Dem engineers of this self-immolation bask in idiot bliss.  They truly believe they’ve won; that in eliminating Sanders and his sane, humane goals, and annointing the vacuous, amoral, cognitively impaired charlatan, Biden, they’ll flush the detested Sick Beast from his lair and control the National Security State alone again.  It’s a deep collective delusion founded on balked egos, impotent fury, and wilful blindness to all that the time requires.

But, then, when were Democrats ever proactive for what American people needed?  Even in the halcyon days of FDR, that humane conservative–for such he truly was–had to urge Berle, Ickes and Tugwell to “make me do it” before pushing his great socio-economic measures through Congress for the sustaining benefit of working Americans that made him a political giant.

In this perilous hour for the country, for Democrats to pawn off on their bedrock faithful–indoctrinated, automatistic, and hoodwinked as they are–a mediocre, ditzy, blithering, old Cold Warrior as the gladiator who will face and take out The Beast is bald lunacy and surefire political seppuku.

But, let’s say, for a moment, it’s not.  Suppose, miraculously, Trump is beaten by the sad sack who will bring a cream pie to a knife fight.  What then results?  With The Beast defeated and Biden installed, will our hopes for a sane, peaceful, just country be realized?  Not bloody likely.

The Democratic Party has become the mouthpiece of the War Machine,   promoter of the sick disasters, Iraq and Afghanistan, of bogus R2P scams, of “Color Revolutions” for “regime change”, and Mock Wars, ravaging small, poor nations without means of defense.  It’s the voice of irrational fury and provocation against its pet alibi for political fraud at home–Russia–and the other most militarily potent country on earth, China.  Not just the War Party, it’s the supporter and abettor of the Capitalist criminal financial syndicate that has shackled Americans in debt, stolen their resources and prospects, and enforced the greatest economic inequality in the history of the nation.

That’s what you’ll get more of, if he wins.  But he won’t, and it’ll be Trump Chapter II.  The Party–clearly shown up for the tool of privilege it’s always been–will lose its big donors and its sad drones and sink into irrelevance, and we’ll face The Beast empowered… with no opposition at all.

Meanwhile, the Black Swan of Coronavirus shrouds our future in darkness.