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Borrowing from the moniker of horseracing as the ‘Sport of Kings’ this writer is going further into the sewer of media hype. I love sports and acknowledge that I am a fan of many sports, with even some teams as my favorites. Methinks that in the past few years I have been more and more violated by what comes across as the ‘Sports Talk  Media’.

In a word they have ALL become the whores they probably always were at heart. You turn on any channel on ESPN or Fox Sports Network or CBS Sports, or any other I have missed mentioning, and you get this: “How much so and so is going to be paid in mega millions for how long a contract.” Or “How much so and so wants to be paid as a free agent etc.” They don’t even talk about strategy or things of that nature.

Instead it is how much these Fat Cat team owners are going to be paying out from the mega millions, even billions they are earning. Of course, the other culprits here are the media outlets who subsidize this insanity, by the billions they are making from all we suckers! After all, have you looked at your cable bills lately? From $ 30- $ 50 a month for a slew of channels, we now fork out well over $ 150 a month for the same coverage. Then you have the ancillary costs that the ‘fans’ pay out for tickets or licensed products. All those of us who wear the team hats, jerseys, sweatshirts etc pay through the nose for this shit! I for one, with all my faults as a ‘Fan’, made a decision years ago to only buy such things when they were outdated and reduced drastically in price… very drastically.

The Sports of Kings

Here’s the skinny on this: Tens of millions of diehard fans, who are now suffering as this writer by this blackout on almost all sports, should be outraged as I am by this shill sports media.

You have most of those (so called) sports journalists earning mega millions while the overwhelming majority of their audience are now worried about staying financially afloat during this pandemic. Much more importantly, even if there was NO pandemic, it is outrageous that our economic system is such that too many of we ‘Sports fans’ still are lucky to even afford our cable bills, let alone paying the shyster prices for tickets to games or sports paraphernalia.

Many working stiff dads and moms do that as much for their kids as they do for themselves. Yet, there needs to be some Righteous Anger at the piggery and arrogance of the whole professional sports world.. and that of the college coaching profession. By the way, I am sick and tired of hearing coaches, many of whom are NOT even coaching anymore, being interviewed by those sports hype artist media whores and called ‘Coach’. Come on, are these men and women wearing a divinity label or Ph D. moniker? No, they are just coaches and nothing more. But, the whole agenda here is to make them into too much more essential and vital than anyone else.

I remember watching a scene from Chazz Palminteri’s great film ‘A Bronx Tale’ when Sonny, the gangster is speaking with the young boy he likes and counsels on life. The kid mentions how Mickey Mantle is his hero etc. Sonny, played by Palminteri, says to the kid “Does Mickey Mantle pay your rent?” As my old street corner compatriot Walt DeYoung always ended his writings “Nuff Said.”