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Ironic how more of these white on black or brown killings are appearing. In 2011 Renaud Camus wrote a book The Great Replacement, focusing on the white population of France. He warned that the ‘ Powers that be’ , especially Jews, were consciously allowing more and more non whites into France. Their goal was to promote racial integration, interracial marriages, mass non white immigration, low fertility rates, abortion, government land confiscation of whites and organized violence. Many USA far right wing white supremacist groups laid onto Camus’s theories and transferred them to right here at home. This most recent mass killing in Buffalo, N.Y had the perpetrator obsessed with a White Replacement theory. So too the El Paso, Texas killer was deeply immersed in such belief… ditto the Christ Church, New Zealand murderer. We who study history realize that this surreal idea has been circulating around for centuries… especially since the end of the Civil War.

Here’s the difference. Since Donald Trump became president, the ‘ Nuts’ have been flying off the trees! Understand that among white supremacist groups blacks, browns and yellows are joined by the Jew. Flash back to August 12, 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia. The mostly college age white men and women marched with Nazi Germany era torches shouting ‘ Jews will not replace us’ and ‘ Blood and Soil’, just what the storm troopers sang. After the hit and run death of an anti fascist protestor, Trump waited a day or so to stand before the cameras and state ‘ Well, there were some nice people on both sides ‘. During a presidential debate with Joe Biden Trump was asked what he would say to the white supremacist group ‘ The Proud Boys’. He said for all the listening world to hear ‘ Stand Back and Stand By’ . Thus, to only the ignorant out there, he literally opened the closet door, letting all the **** out! Now, we have, believe it or not, and this is not a comedy routine, actual Republican candidates pitching this White Replacement Theory via the greatest motivator of them all: FEAR!!

We have a sitting governor here in Florida who just failed on his attempt to gerrymander two  districts made of up of mostly blacks, that currently vote Democrat. Guess what? The very judge that he, DeSantis appointed said ‘ NO , you cannot do that… unconstitutional. So, he will go back to his other dictate of forcing Florida teachers to instruct their students ( especially the very young) on the dangers of Communism in every classroom this fall. Of course, he won’t compel the teachers to do the same thing re: Fascism and Racism. At the same time, more and more right wing Republican candidates will sing that White Replacement mantra. This writer has a friend who he disagrees with on politics. They vowed to each other to not bring up politics, and so far it has worked. Recently, he now is starting to bring up ‘ The orchestrated influx of more and more blacks on television… especially commercials’. Obviously, he frequents conservative websites and here is the skinny on that. He is not an overt racist, but if the usually vanilla sites are referring, whether overtly or covertly, to this replacement theory, then this is becoming frightening!

America had the Nativist movement that grew bigger right before the Civil War , accented by the Know Nothing political party. Scorcese’s Gangs of New York captured that aspect of it very well. The nativists did not want ANY foreigners at all. Of course, they too were descendants of foreigners, but who cares about such trivia? By the turn of the century, many big cities, especially Chicago and those along the east coast, saw an influx of  immigrants, especially Irish, Italian and (Eastern European) Jews. My late grandfather, around 1910, had to change his name from Adamo to Adams in order to secure a NYC Transit Authority job . Every school child, especially after Gov. DeSantis’s dictate, should be shown the 2001 film Focus ( NOT the 2015 film of the same name) based on a novel by the brilliant Arthur Miller. It takes place right after WW2 in Brooklyn, NYC and reveals how Anti Semitism was powerful and a part of both business and our social fabric. I myself never realized just how prevalent it was after the war.

Hey, Captain Ron, did you forget your ancestral roots? Shame on you!!!

PA Farruggio
May 2022