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This writer came across a theory while searching the web that relates to weather patterns:

 Weather Patterns Reflect Emotional States

“In your terms consciousness is wedded with matter, and any of its experiences are physically materialized through that interaction.

You do not simply react to the weather.

You help form it, even as you breathe the air and then send it outward again.

The brain is a nest of electromagnetic relationships that you do not understand.

The weather faithfully reflects the feelings of the individuals in any given local territory.

Overall weather patterns follow deeper inner rhythms of emotion.”

Now, for years I have studied the work of a man called ‘ The Sleeping Psychic’ , Edgar Cayce. Cayce, among a myriad of other metaphysical matters he covered in his teachings, also believed that humans ( and animals ) can affect weather patterns.  As with the famous adage ‘ You are what you eat’ Cayce felt that ‘ We are what we think’ especially regarding weather. The more the majority of us think negatively, the more we experience terrible weather patterns. As a reverse of this ideal, remember the story of Shangri La, from Hilton’s novel ‘ Lost Horizon’? In it there was discovered a wonderful place, deep within the Himalayas , where a civilization resided in perfect harmony and weather. Yet, all around Shangri La there was cold, frigid and snowy weather.

{Skeptics have felt that these excessive bits of horrendous we weather can be attributed to Global Warming. Then the question must be asked ‘ Who accelerated Global Warming’? Who actually created it?  Is  it not the continuous use of fossil fuels by mankind, despite all the scientific calls for transferring to more earth friendly means of energy? Is it not the continuous use of plastics and of not doing proper recycling that is killing us slowly ( On the street where I live only half my neighbors even recycle). Is it not  the continuous polluting of our waterways that is destroying sea life and of course ruining our drinking water? }

Look at the increase in our country of far right wing culture. The level of rage and violent anger that increased when Trump ran and then won office is astounding. Funny ( not really) how there definitely has been an increase in violent storms ever since. We have always had such weather, but now it seems as the NORM rather than the exception. Yesterday there were I believe 5 states ( all Red states by the way ) that are now under siege by horrific tornadoes. We all remember how then President Trump handled Hurricane Maria when it destroyed much of Puerto Rico in 2017. Remember how he showed up there ( after delaying a few days ) and was seen throwing rolls of paper towels to the crowds? What a statesman!! Look at the increase of unarmed black folks shot and killed by police since 2017. Finally, look at the January 6th insurrection riot at the Capitol building to see how this violent rage culture has grown. Take it from me, a true Socialist who has no affection for the Democratic Party and Joe Biden ( who I have politically disdained for decades ). The level of outright obnoxious behavior and catering to this ‘ Mob mentality’  by the minions of Trump is frightening! Sadly, so many within this basket of working stiffs actually supports the very people in government who go against their better interests.

We are not, and have really never been, a democracy. The Two Party/One Party system has always been controlled by the Super Rich with this Corporate State. Eisenhower, in his farewell address ( he should have said it sooner) called it The Military Industrial Complex. I call it The Military Industrial Empire. Either way we all have to watch this extreme negativity become extreme weather. Perhaps if, instead of raining snow or water it was raining Shit… things would begin to change!

Philip A Farruggio
December 2021