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Anyone who was raised in Brooklyn, NYC, like this writer, knows how humongous and diverse this ‘ The Garden Spot of the World ‘  has always been. Each section of our over 3 million populated borough  ( a joke in itself to not have Brooklyn as its own city)  was filled with a unique myriad of ethnicities . Many times, except in the case of people of color who were forced from day one to live in segregated neighborhoods, there were overlaps, or a  mix of various ethnic types. Despite that, certain sections of Brooklyn had folks speaking in their own slang. In other cultures they may label these as dialects of the same language… when it sure sounded like the dialect was from a different planet ( IE: The dialect of people from Bari, Italy, sounds nothing like that of folks from Rome or other parts of that country). Well, in the Brooklyn of my past, at least up until when I left in the 1990s, folks from the downtown area of Brooklyn , mostly Italian American and Irish American, had certain tweaks in their use of the English language. My ex in laws came from this downtown area, as did many employees of a company I worked for  in downtown Brooklyn during the late 80s. Here is how someone raised in that area would end many a sentence: ” Yeah, I went right into the store ..But”. Or ” He never told me that.. But” . Why this had developed in certain areas in and around the downtown sections of Brooklyn I have not yet researched, but it is interesting.

So, in deference to those great friends and co workers from those areas, I say Vaccinate this… But. The ‘ But’ is vital to my point here, because as much as I am not a fan of flu type vaccinations, I still know that this current virus is both powerful and highly contagious. Yet, along with many of my left wing writer friends, I simply do NOT trust our government or Big Pharma when it comes to creating a viable vaccine. Why? Well, a relative of mine is a very well thought of cellular scientist who spends many a waking hour doing vital research. He has assured me that although he believes that vaccines can and DO work in many instances, it takes at least 18 months, sometimes years ,to find one that will work safely and comprehensively. He discounts this ‘ Warp Speed ‘ hogwash that is being peddled to us by not only our government and their disease experts, but by Big Pharma , who stand to make billions of dollars in profit. Imagine the utter nerve of these companies that the Trump crew has adorned with OUR tax money. How many of their top execs, along with administration financed officials, have already cashed in on selling their stocks once the news came out on these contracts, or just before the fact ( when they had the ‘ inside info’ ). It is like the age old conspiracy stories of banks and armaments makers who incited wars, and then profited from them. The same crap!!

This writer had not taken a flu shot since I was in college. Years later, upon moving to Indianapolis in 1994, I had to find a new family doctor. Someone recommended me to a DO with a great following. He convinced me to get the new flu shot, as it was the beginning of the flu season. I bit my lip and allowed myself to get it. That night I developed terrible symptoms of the flu, which I was told was a normal reaction for many. It lasted about 12 hours, and to mimic my downtown Brooklyn friends, BUT…. I became progressively weakened over the next few months. So much so that I heard about this Amish reflexologist/iridologist in rural Indiana and wrote for an appointment ( they do not use telephones ). When he examined me he said quite certainly that the flu shot had weakened my immune system. He told me what supplements to take and after two months of following his instructions I was back to normal again.

That was then. This is now, and the only way I would agree to taking a corona virus vaccination is if I could see ( along with my relative’s advice ) that it was something tried and tested for a long period of time. My relative strongly believes that, with this kind of virus, it may not be conceivable to ever find a vaccine that will work effectively… because the virus can and most likely will mutate. His feeling is that new and highly effective medications to treat this virus are already being developed by many laboratories throughout the entire world. Sooner than we now realize, good ones will be found and used.

This is where the fear that many of my fellow leftwing journalists is to me, very real! You can call the Super Rich who control so much of our planet, for so long, any label you wish: Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, New World Order, City of London, Round Table… whatever. The fact is that the Super Rich only care about basically two things: Control of the masses and Increasing Profits… period! So, I for one, along with many out there on both the Left and Libertarian Right, believe that this pandemic has been used by the aforementioned to seize more control and of course much more revenue… Period! As to the ‘ But’ , folks, this virus is both stronger than most and very highly contagious. So, we who should ‘ Know better’ need to separate those two elements of this scenario… and NOT marry them! To be ever careful and diligent in both seeing the virus dissipate and keeping the Super Rich from using it to their evil advantage… with no Ifs, Ands or BUTS!!!