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Halloween is for kids and crazy pranksters. The little kids show off their costumes and get nice treats… except for the maniacs out there who like to put needles inside the chocolate goodies. Sick people like that belong in prison for life! On the subject of ‘ Sick people’ we should not forget the equally sick people who run imperialist and colonialist governments. Two such examples are our own flag waving and ‘ Thank you for your service’ US Military Industrial Empire, and of course the ( sadly) fascist Israeli government.

Let’s focus first on Uncle Sam, run by a Two Party/ One Party disgraceful bunch of individuals… for God knows how long! Rewind back to July, 1944 when FDR was going to run for his final and fourth term. His VP at the time was Henry Wallace, a man of impeccable credentials. Wallace wanted to maintain a good relationship with the Soviet Union, which was doing most of the fighting and dying for the Allied cause. By summer of ’44 most ‘ In the know’ knew that Germany was going to be defeated. Wallace, looking ahead, could see that a bond between the Communist and Capitalist war partners could continue after the war. Well, the Neo Fascists in positions of power inside of both parties wanted none of that. Matter of fact, what some historians alluded to was how FDR and Churchill conspired in the early 40s to put off the Allied invasion of Europe ( Operation Overlord) for a few years so the Germans and Soviets could keep killing each other off. At the Democratic convention that summer the conspiracy to keep Wallace off the ticket succeeded by putting up Sen. Harry Truman. Truman was known as the ‘ Senator from Pendergast’ , owing his whole career growth to Missouri political boss Tom Pendergast. ‘ Give em hell Harry’ was an avowed anti Communist and ready to do the bidding of the Super Rich movers of the US Military Industrial Empire. The war ended and a new ‘ Cold War’ began, which then nourished the likes of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Korean War soon followed, leading then to the Vietnam War, seeing tens of thousands of American soldiers dead or wounded for life.  Of course, millions of Koreans and Vietnamese were killed or maimed.

The tricks continued after Vietnam with our two phony wars against Iraq. Saddam Hussein, a product of our own CIA, was encouraged into power and then into his war on Iran throughout the 1980s. Millions on both sides died. When Hussein wanted his debts with Kuwait erased the Bush Sr. Cabal gave him ‘ silent approval’ on his invasion of that nation ( which, by the way, was a creation of the British government after WW1) . Once he did so, Bush Sr. ,with the influence of Mrs. Thatcher, renamed Hussein the new Hitler and pulverized Iraq. Ten years later the very dubious’ 9/11 planes into our buildings’ occurred, giving the Cheney/Bush Jr. Cabal ( I place Cheney first because he really called the shots) the impetus to blame Saddam Hussein for his support of Al Qaeda and Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction ( WMDs). When Goebbels explained The Big Lie, this is what he meant. The only ‘ Treat ‘ from those tricks was how much the select corporations ( and donors of the Bushes) made in the rebuilding of a destroyed Iraq.

Currently, we have the Neo Nazi influenced Ukrainian government and the Neo Fascist Israeli government who are sucking on Uncle Sam’s teat as they do our bidding. No one in his or her right mind condones the full scale attacks by Russia and Hamas. When civilians are wantonly killed there is NO justification… period!  Yet, the conditions that led to both of those attacks must be held under scrutiny. The Ukrainian and Israeli tricksters brutalized the inhabitants of Russian speaking Donbas for years on one hand, and  in Gaza for decades on the other. The late author Chalmers Johnson named these reactions for what they were: Blowback! Finally, once again, the only ones who receive their treats from all this horror are the multinational corporations who are raking in a fortune from War Supporting Contracts!!

Isn’t Halloween fun?

PA Farruggio
Port Orange, Fl 

Halloween , 2023