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I too am a working stiff like you all. Unlike you I had no aspirations in regard to Donald Trump. I must say that I ditto that towards Joe Biden, yet I voted for him… biting my tongue. I would never have voted for Biden if not for who he was running against, a megalomaniac preaching this Proto Fascist agenda. As I knew what your man has always been about, so too I knew for decades how wrong Joe Biden has always been. You see, like you folks I was born and raised in a blue collar working class family. The Democratic Party , like their counterparts in the other half of this Two Party/One Party scam, never covered my back when it came to economics or plain old class. Behind all the hoopla and PR the Democrats will always celebrate the rich and the corporations… which encompass the DEEP STATE. You see, this DEEP STATE is not about one party or the other, for it controls both parties… and has for generations.

Those of you who continue to drink that Kool- Aid served by these two parties ( and their media representatives ) will always be the suckers. Sadly, for you and well, for me too, the Trump train rolled over all of us. He did it to those of you who believed that he was the anointed one, sent from God to ‘ Drain the swamp’. Well, look who he surrounded himself with: the Mnuchins, the Rosses, Guilianis, Kushners and the bevy of Wall Street, Big Pharma and Military Industrial warriors. They all sucked your tax dollars from you to profit their own schemes. Obama and Biden were just a bit more ‘ kinder and gentler’ con artists, along with the Clintons and the Bushes. All full of shit!

Factor out those of you who are so heavily adorned with Pro Life and Anti Gay ideals. Those folks I cannot  reach. Ditto for those amongst you who really HATE people of color and Jews. If you are that ingrained with such rage to forget that ALL working stiffs are in this sinking ship together… well, someday you may learn who the real enemy is. So, who is this enemy that us working stiffs should focus our disdain for? Just ‘ Follow da money ‘ ! Please understand that even Jesus of Nazareth knew the score when he stated in scripture: ” Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than  a rich man to get to heaven.” Those who run the corporations that prey upon us; those who make money off of phony wars; those who make money off of our sickness; those who make money off of our need for a roof over our heads; those who earn mega interest on our need for financial help; those millionaires or wanabee millionaires who get us to vote them into office and still represent the Super Rich over us… need I go on?

The Right Wing has made it their mission to make you all think that Socialism is Totalitarianism, and anyone who preaches a more level playing field is a ‘ Marxist agitator’. Trump symbolized this way of thinking, and the Democrats are not much better. Though, anything would be better than the medicine he has been selling. It is time to walk away from Trump  and the Republicans as I walked away from the Democrats decades ago. It is time to behave like a true working stiff and join together to demand the changes needed to save us all. They vilified FDR during the Great Depression when he instituted viable changes for working stiffs and the poor. He wasn’t a saint, just someone who saved Capitalism while cutting lots of fat from those Fat Cats, redistributing a portion of it to us working stiffs. Yes, he could have done more, but what he did do was momentous compared to where we were at that time. Perhaps we need some of that now. That is not insurrection or revolution. Let us call it EVOLUTION.

PA Farruggio
January 2021