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Well, to this writer, a student of the esoteric sciences, the great Indian Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda was correct: This must be a dream! So many friends and acquaintances over the years have discounted these beliefs as foolish for believing in fairies, demons and angels ( I do). Yet, to comprehend rationally that this current president and his crew are as real as can be is a tough pill to swallow. Can anyone who denies the ‘ dream aspect’, after hearing from Trump’s own words that he knew this pandemic was deadly and highly contagious while still calling it a hoax… well, that bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale. Forget the fact that the Democrats are so full of crap, and that Biden is a joke. That is not what should be digested this election cycle. Why? Every day the far right wing spin machine is bordering on the most Neo Fascist, perhaps Neo Nazi movement since 1930s Germany. My concern is how in the hell can those who support Trump and his culture continue to do so? He admits that HE is afraid of getting this virus and does social distancing to the Nth degree with anyone he is not sure has the virus. He does not wear a mask because, foolish Trump Thumpers, he stays away from the likes of you! I believe he even made disparaging remarks about you PWT ( Poor White Trash) that follow his every word over the ‘ Cliffs of reason’. He holds rallies that allow all of you to mingle with the virus consistently. All he cares about is making sure you vote for him because A) You don’t want the blacks and browns living nearby or sending their kids to your schools, B) You hate abortion religiously, along with gay rights, C) You think that the ‘ Deep State’ is out to get him…. when he and all our recent presidents served it so well. Calling those protesting police brutality and racial injustice as ‘ Rioters and looters’ , when a mere fraction of those out in the streets actually do such things. The old joke about the KKK was that their membership included more undercover FBI agents than white supremacists. How many times do we have to experience right wing agent provocateurs stirring the pot?

So, to all those of you who still drink the Trump and crew Kool- Aid about this virus when your ‘main man’ admitted to Bob Woodward the basic truth, please wake up! He knows, as does his VP and other far right wing lackeys, that wearing a mask in public can help immeasurably. Well, guess what? Another sprinkle of truth just came out by the CDC the other day. They acknowledged that in January, when China was quarantining Wuhan and everyone there wore masks, the Pence led task force decided to NOT fulfill a CDC request to begin manufacturing over 600 million masks to distribute to ALL of us. The plan would have seen fruition by early April, IF they willed it. As we know, they did NOT, and instead opened up the country ( and economy) prematurely. Look at the school situation. Only a **** moron would not see that herding kids and their teachers in unsanitary conditions has to incite this virus! So, just open up the saloons and watch what will happen. You can view many ‘ Trump Thumpers ‘ by going to a supermarket or large store. The ones walking around without a face mask on are 99% to be his supporters… even though their ‘ Savior’ stays at a safe distance. And this is not a dream? OK, perhaps nightmare describes it better.