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A must see, especially during these times, is John Frankenheimer’s 1964 film Seven Days in May. In the movie, with a screenplay by genius Rod Serling ( of Twilight Zone fame- his creation by the way) a right wing conspiracy by generals and Fat Cats plot to overthrow our government. As a parallel to this film the January 6th Commission peels away more of the onion. We should then see just how diabolical many from the highest echelons of our government behaved before and during January 6th. As far as the actual players or rioters at the Capitol building that day, they, like so many of their kind, needed to be led and goaded on . Acting alone, most of those fools who roughed up the police and destroyed the building would most likely have never acted so tough. Yet, when for weeks, maybe months before the 6th of January, the airwaves and internet were filled with such talk of violent insurrection; we can realize just why and how those rioters behaved.

It is ironic that I, a Socialist who has been highly critical of the Democrats for years, would grimace when a pick-up truck passes by me with this humongous ‘ Fuck Biden ‘ sign. Free speech is fine, but to feel the vitriol from so many where I live is frightening. Why? Well, as the rage on January 6th flew across my TV screen , it foreshadowed a similar rage from many neighbors. Not knowing where I stand on politics, many will nod to me each time I take my morning walk by their homes. One wonders how this might change if they knew how much I disdain Trump and the right wing?  In the supermarket a few months ago, a woman about my age shouted aloud as she was on her phone and pushing her shopping cart: “Somebody should take Fauci out!” She wore no face mask, or did her grandchildren. Maybe she resented people like my wife and I who were wearing face masks. Honestly, this writer and his wife resent those who refuse to wear them in indoor settings like a store, yet we remain civil and polite, with no editorial shouts.

Sadly, when police shoot or torture to death unarmed people of color, those who protest are labeled ‘ Rioters and Looters.’ When we stood on the street corner of my town from 2004-08 in opposition to the illegal (and immoral) invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, we were called ‘ Communists’ and ‘ Traitors’. Yet, the Redneck Coup rioters were called ‘ Patriots ‘ by right wing politicians and media. Here’s the skinny: When we vehemently protested those horrific actions by the Bush Cabal, we never attempted to invade and destroy the office of my right wing Congressman. Believe you me, we were extremely angry at what our government had done and was doing then. When Bush Jr. won the 2004 election there were many fingers pointing to right wing chicanery. Clint Curtis,  a software programming expert (who later ran for Congress), explained in an interview on my radio show about ‘ Vote flipping’. Clint had been  hired in 2000 by Congressman Tom Feeney ( Republican) to develop software which could execute vote flipping… strictly as an experiment for future concerns.. ‘Foretold is forewarned’ and all that. Well, on election night 2004, with polling expert Dick Morris co hosting one of the network election night return shows, Morris read the Exit Polls in Ohio coming in. They were very much for Kerry over Bush. Morris stated that exit polling is probably THE #1 indicator of how the final vote will go. A few hours later, when they announced Ohio for Bush in a close finish, Morris actually said on the air ‘ Something smells here!’

What Donald Trump has succeeded in doing, to the joy of this Military Industrial Empire, is to solidify this Two Party/One Party scam.  People like me, living in a swing state like Florida, would normally vote for the Green Party, and especially NOT for Obama, Hillary or Joe Biden. Yet, I did just that this time. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Most pertinent is Trump’s opening up the closet door to let all the white supremacist and Proto Fascist skeletons out in full regalia. Now, these types have always been around, but the majority of right wing leaning citizens did not pay them that much mind. They may have agreed with most of that rhetoric, but never to the extreme that it now resonates. We see what Trump’s three Supreme Court choices are all about. We see how much of his party still hangs with this terrible man. Because Trump still has this almost reverend and passionate following by millions throughout this nation, many Republicans still won’t ‘ Jump ship’ on him. As far as the Democrats, many of their leaders still hold forth to this ‘ Bipartisan’ bullshit. Look how Democratic Senator Joe Manchin ( a closet Republican) has succeeded in destroying any viable government spending to aid us working stiffs and the destitute… while he sails his $220k houseboat and  drives his $70k plus Maserati car.  Poor Joe has only a net worth of $ 8 million so how can he  ‘ Feel the pain ‘ of  the majority of his constituents?

Finally, what this Biden administration should have done, with just a few examples: Kyle Rittenhouse and the others who he traveled with to Kenosha carrying loaded assault rifles should be charged as ‘ Domestic Terrorists’ for marching through those streets and terrorizing unarmed residents. The Kenosha police department should be charged with ‘ Accessory to Terrorism’ for allowing that gang to march by them unimpeded… after of course they handed out drinking water to the bunch. The Attorney General of the US should be indicting anyone who spoke at that January 6th rally inciting the crowd. Rudy Giuliani is heard telling people to go down to the Capitol and have ‘ Trial by combat’…. and then that is exactly what occurred. These are just two of a myriad of things that should have been done… OR SHOULD NOW BE DONE!

Those who still cling to the illusion that our nation is a democracy should start smelling the coffee. We ceased being a democracy when we allowed private money into political campaigns, with little or no barriers. Simply put, the United States is an empire, and a Military Industrial Empire at that. Wherever you may look, at the media, the world of sports and entertainment, and of course politics, you see mega millionaires center stage. The Super Rich have always run things, as they have in most, if not all, of the  countries of the world. Men like Donald Trump are the poster children for what empires can do… and are doing! As long as there are minions to follow their marching orders we will always have such Redneck riots!

PA Farruggio
December 2021