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Once someone dares to compare today’s right wing in American politics to that of the fascist Nazi Party of 90 years ago, the snowballs fly. They tell you that it is utterly ridiculous to even equate such a thing. Oh really? Well, straight from the Hitler/Goebbels playbook comes this speck of truth. Goebbels always mimicked his Fuehrer with bits like ‘ The Nazi state is one of emotion and action.. not of reason.’ Please watch and listen to the next Trump 2024 The Revenge Tour rally and taste the bitter essence of such ****! Trump rode into the White House in 2016 on the emotional wave of character assassinations, disinformation, half truths and outright lies! He was shrewd enough, along with his Republican allies, to portray himself as that selfless populist who was fighting against the Deep State. Yet, for most of his party and that of the one opposite, they all serve the Deep State in some manner, shape or form. Why? Cause dear readers you cannot get elected into any political office without private money… Period! Guess who basically controls that funding of campaigns? You see, as Sanders tried to do two times in his run for President, despite the many millions of small amounts of donations, it is the big money that turns the wheels of this phony democracy. Democracy my ass!

Most of the demagogues or so called ‘ People’s Populists’ like Obama have always relied on the big machers ( as my Jewish heritage calls it) to get them across the finish line. Of course, once they get in power they make sure to give back to the Super Rich who bankrolled them and their party. Along with the slew of mega money needed is, as Goebbels said it best, emotion and action to lead the lemmings over the cliffs of reason.  Look at the millions of usually decent Americans who keep falling for the bull excrement that the two parties pile their way. Just find a few hot button issues and the suckers will always do their bidding right up to the polling booth.

On the right wing side of the aisle the fear of illegals coming to rape your women and sell drugs to your kids. Or the murder of a fetus in the womb . Or the free ride given to ‘lazy’ poor blacks and browns out of our taxes. Another great  gimmick is to stop the government from running our lives with mask and vaccine mandates . Funny how they make sure to never get into how the Military Industrial Empire is sucking up the majority of everyone’s tax money, or how corporate America rules the roost over the Mom and Pop Main Street. Of course, the Christian Fascist clique that has so much influence on their party hacks continues to restrict a woman’s right to choose and a gay person’s right to exist as the please.

On the Democratic side of the ledger they basically tell folks how they, the Democrats, are the ‘ People’s Party’. Meanwhile, they go along with most of the economic injustices that the corporate world gets away with. Add to that how it is the Democrats who are opening our federal purse to subsidize the immoral Israeli ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Of course, with the Orange Clown  in power we would be seeing the same scenario. When will the jackass party begin to go back to what FDR did and take from the super rich and redistribute to us working stiffs and poor?

PA Farruggio
March 31, 2024