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800 members of the German-American Bund parading through the streets of New York. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

Was watching the Alabama vs. Texas A& M football game last night. It was a home game for A& M and the natives were out there in full regalia… or should I say Brown shirts. A& M has this humungous ROTC program, and why not? It is the home of the Bush and son presidential libraries, where the war mongerers go to celebrate those two war criminals. As the thousands of fans cheered their team, with the myriad of short haired young men and women replete in those brown shirts, the camera caught the equal myriad of USA flags waving around the top of the stadium. Was I just taken back by time machine to Berlin circa 1934? Is this how a non Nazi German ( let alone a Jewish one) must have felt when taking in such a site then? Sad… no, horrific!

Obviously, there are millions of Trump Thumpers who, on a one to one basis, are somewhat decent folks as neighbors or co workers etc. I am sure there are many of those young brown shirted student ROTC fans at that game who are good and decent citizens. Yet, the fact that they even choose to go into ROTC means that they support this Military Industrial Empire. It means that they see nothing wrong with our country invading and occupying countless nations we have NO business ever being in! Like the fools at NY Yankee baseball games, during the Bush/Cheney phony ‘ War On Terror’, when they chanted ‘ USA USA USA’ and ‘Rudy Rudy Rudy’ for that asshole with the hair dye streaks, stupidity rules! One can only surmise that the ghost of propaganda minister Goebbels floated above them all with a big smile.

The real conundrum facing the few of us who are ‘ Left on the Left’ is how this Two Party scam has perpetrated the lives of the overwhelming majority of Americans. They gave us no real choice if we wanted to get the hell rid of the evil Trump Cabal. THAT is how terrible the state of our republic had become: To have to choose between the Neo Fascist vs. the Neo Con. Thus, the Democrats came in and the best scenario is that they derailed ( temporarily?) the crazy Trump train. Of course, the Democrats made sure to join with their Bipartisan comrades and actually raise the obscene military spending. They made sure to NOT ever discuss closing many of the over 1000 foreign military bases our empire uses to threaten the rest of the world. Of course, the two political parties keep fueling this new Cold War with Russia and China. They even sometimes use the term adversary when discussing those two nations. Why not? It is really all about economic power by keeping the US dollar number one. How can they continue to do that when they send about half of our federal spending down the rabbit hole as military spending? Don’t they understand that sooner or later too many of our working stiffs will be too far behind the 8 ball financially?

Jingoism is the new mantra, as it was in Nazi Germany 75 years ago.

PA Farruggio
October, 2021