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Perhaps it was those bright red MAGA caps or the humongous banners they waved as they marched upon the Capitol building. Perhaps it was the torches carried, so conveniently at night, and the chants of ‘ Blood and Soil’ and ‘ Jews will not replace us’ by those mostly college age young men ( and some women) in Charlottesville Virginia on August 12, 2017. Perhaps it was the jackboot holding down the handcuffed black man on another dreadful day in Minneapolis. Or maybe the group of ‘ Overkill cops’ storming into a middle of the night bedroom in Louisville Kentucky with guns firing. Sadly, perhaps it was the fact that over 74 million American citizens voted for an apparent avowed white supremacist just months ago. Just as those millions of German voters cast their fate ( and their nation’s fate) with a Nazi Party that never once withheld its true intentions… as they either joined or viewed the hordes of brown uniformed thugs marching in their streets.

The conundrum of this American empire is how the Super Rich have always kept in place a Two Party/ One Party political system that they own and operate. Thus, the working stiffs who do most of the sweating in those corporate domains and dying in their phony wars can only choose from Column A or Column B under the illusion of ‘ Making a difference’ each election cycle. As far as real street corner sign holding, that is left to the ridiculous Progressive Car Insurance commercial or the scores of local  business advertisements. There is no longer a rich and vibrant issue oriented discourse anywhere. The power of the mob rules, until of course the Empire’s handlers act, or ‘ Choose NOT to act’. The January 6th storming of the Capitol is a case in point. It was well known to just about everyone around DC that the MAGA mobs were going to do some sort of ‘ dirty deed’ that day. As with the police in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017  when the order to ‘ Stand down ‘ was given, so in DC there was a refusal to issue any orders for tightened security at all on January 6th. Bottom line, the plan for having the ‘ Shit hit the fan ‘ was realized. Another example of how the empire finds a way to intensify its movement towards a Police State.  Of course, in Germany circa 1933 it was the police state that initiated the violence! Food for thought.

Fascism, like any other extreme political process, feeds off of ‘ Hard Times’. In Weimar Germany the example is evident of how economics affects such thinking. During the mid 1920s, when the inflationary spiral went off the radar and it was ‘ Gloom and doom’, the Nazi Party made tremendous headway politically. Their numbers in the Reichstag increased exponentially. Yet, perhaps by 1928, when the German economy had a positive bounce back, their popularity diminished substantially. Of course, by 1930, when the entire industrialized world entered into the Great Depression… you know the rest of the story. Will it be the same scenario here at home? What the popularity of the MAGA movement affirms is just how close to fascism our nation is spiraling. The ‘ Monkey wrench’ will be how, once again, the Democrats ,now in power, will do the bidding of this empire. Bottom line: millions upon millions of working stiffs will once again see little in the way of what Biden’s mentor,  Mr. Obama, so shrewdly called Hope and Change. The Democrats will think that a onetime $ 1400 check and a few months of rent moratorium and higher unemployment insurance payments will cure what ails us. It won’t! That will open the door for more and more far right wing rhetoric to rally the economically disjointed and angry working stiffs.

{  A must read is a new piece from researcher Cynthia Cheung in her new series  “Return of the Leviathan: The Fascist Roots of the CIA and the True Origin of the Cold War“. }

What needs to be revealed to the majority of our citizens is the sad realization of the Nazi infiltration of our CIA and foreign policy establishment soon after WW2. Thus, the very roots of this current white supremacist Neo Fascist mindset was born then. The very demons who destroyed the once vibrant Weimar democracy in Germany are circling around here in the USA. It may not be the  ‘  Zig Heil ‘ greeting anymore, but the intent is similar.

PA Farruggio
March 2021