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From the ‘ Book of Revelations’ in the New Testament God sent forth the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ( White Horse, Black Horse, Red Horse and Pale Horse ) or as Ezekiel lists them: ” Sword , Famine, Wild Beasts and Plague”. Well, this NEW set of Four Horsemen are here to represent the utter personal and economic horror that they themselves have created. These four are none other than Steve Mnuchin ( current Treasury Sec.), Wilbur Ross ( current Sec. of Commerce), Sean Hannity ( Fox TV host) and Jared Kushner ( special assistant to the president… oh yeah, and husband to his daughter Ivanka).

Two of the aforementioned ghastly bunch were part of the predatory Sub Prime scam that still resonates today, twelve years later. These predators finagled to buy up failing mortgage banks for pennies on the dollar and get Uncle Sam to subsidize their new establishments. Meanwhile, they foreclosed on tens of thousands of subprime homes and made out like bandits.{ Go online and Read David Dayen’s 2016 piece in The Nation Magazine on these two}. Mnunichin and Ross played the fears of the entire corporate capitalist system going under to get YOUR tax dollars to work for them! Along with the other two Horseman of the Apocalypse they are turning we working stiffs into a nation of serfs!

The last two horsemen are men who became highly successful Absentee Landlords after the Sub Prime debacle. Kushner and Hannity are both so far up Trump’s derriere it is a miracle that they can even breathe!  So you know that The Donald will never do anything to restrict those two from continuing to profit in this great residential rental market, whereupon thousands of former homeowners are now Kushner and Hannity’s tenants. One of the consolations of our ‘ Empire for the Super Rich’, regardless of who sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, is that the 2008 crisis and its aftermath still offer the opportunity for those with great wealth ( with Uncle Sam’s assistance of course)  to buy up foreclosed properties and obtain  mega millions in rent. ” Make Amerika’s absentee landlords great again!!”

As our republic drifts further away from the democracy it was supposed to entail, this new pandemic offers time for reflection. Working stiffs, wanabee working stiffs and retired working stiffs are suffering. As Mom and Pop businesses are shut down and armies of unemployed seek answers, the Truth is right there before your eyes: This current system has failed… and only the 1/4 of 1 % will survive and actually prosper from it all! As those Four Horsemen made fortunes from the financial and personal devastation  ( and even death ) of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of us, enough already! If we don’t begin demanding socialist ( or as I call them ‘ New Awareness’ ) solutions all will be in vain. It won’t be just the virus that will win out, but those same sharks will still be patrolling our waters. We need, as Ellen Brown and other advocates ( like Andrew Wang) have stressed, a Universal Basic Income of at least $ 1000 monthly for ALL citizens! It should be instituted immediately, and continue long after this or any other pandemic is gone. Period!!!

PA Farruggio

Easter Weekend 2020