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The most recent bastard child one of our presidents fathered was when Junior Bush, with whispers from his ‘ Handler’ Cheney, ordered the pre-emptive attack on Iraq on March 19th, 2003. The horrific overkill that trended into the terrible occupation still resonates with us. Of course, one year previous the same Cabal, always referenced through the war criminal Rumsfeld, orchestrated the same disgrace in Afghanistan… and that resonates even worse now, almost 20 years later. Well, those of us on the true Anti Empire Left and Right realize how the war criminal Barack Obama ordered many heinous deeds by our military… duh, like 10 times more drone attacks than his criminal predecessors. Of course, the crème de la crème of bastard children is now upon us, ever since The Donald ran for office. The Neo Fascist , perhaps outright Fascist mindset has inculcated Republican Party politics. Yes, the Southern Democrats, from soon after the Civil War right up until those Dixiecrats left their party and became Republicrats in 1964, have always cherished Jim Crow. With Trump calling the shots, however, those white sheets are again in vogue.

What both frightens and saddens this writer is that white supremacist thinking is too reminiscent of the Nazi culture of Hitler’s Germany. The Charlottesville  August , 2017 march of White Supremacist Neo Nazis , disguised as students to some extent, actually centered on Anti Semitism. Imagine anyone with a sensitivity ( meaning that of being a real human being) seeing the torch carrying white faces chanting  Jews will not replace us” and ” Blood and Soil” , all out of the Nazi party’s handbook.  Is it a coincidence that Trump being president maybe gave some indirect license to such actions and thinking? Remember Robert Bowers,  the man who , a little more than a year later, walked into the Pittsburgh synagogue and blew away almost a dozen worshippers… a coincidence? Muslim Americans being harassed and physically attacked – any coincidence to Trump’s continuous  Arab bashing? Ditto for Mexican Americans being targeted by ‘ Build the Wall ‘ adherents? How about the myriad of law enforcement thugs who rough up and sometimes kill unarmed Afro American protestors? Or Officer Chauvin taking it to another disgraceful level on the neck of George Floyd? Then, The Donald blaming the pandemic on the Chinese with juvenile remarks like ‘ The China Flu’ and ‘ Kung Flu’… Fast forward to those tragic Atlanta Spa killings of mostly Asians. On the subject of the Covid pandemic, his Bastard Children didn’t care too much when Trump admitted on tape to Bob Woodward, after calling the pandemic a HOAX in February and March of 2020, that he knew by the January previous that the virus was both severe and highly contagious. Where was and where IS the outrage by all those Trump Thumpers?

It is going to take more than just ‘ Soul Searching’ by Trump’s Bastard Children to set things right. It is going to take the mega millions of us who know better to stand up to those fools… not with guns or violence. Rather, with the same righteousness that Jesus of Nazareth revealed when he challenged the crowds ready to stone the harlot. That means not patronizing friends, colleagues , coworkers or public officials  who start spouting white supremacist or Anti Semitic rhetoric in our presence. They need to be told that we do NOT accept their thinking or will continue to hear it from them.

PA Farruggio
Easter 2020