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Let’s put Covid aside and address the 2nd most heinous ( yes, I use that term) and deadly epidemic facing us all. This disease had always, it seems, been around our nation, let alone most of Europe. Unlike Covid or the flu, this epidemic has a few different names: Fascism, Neo Fascism, Neo Nazism, and now MAGA.  During the 1950s and 60s this illness seemed to affect mostly mentally unbalanced Americans and Europeans. These folks enjoyed wearing the different modes of dress that lent themselves to the originators of this disease, the German National Socialists AKA Nazi Party. George Lincoln Rockwell figured the easiest and most recognizable manner to do this was to wear the actual Nazi Party uniforms. Now we have many on that far right extremism calling themselves:

American Freedom Party, formerly known as the American Third Position Party, is an American political party which promotes white supremacy.

American Nazi Party, is a neo-Nazi organization.

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is one of the largest and most violent white supremacist prison gangs in the United States, responsible for murders and other violent crimes.

Aryan Nations, is a white supremacist neo-Nazi organization founded in the 1970s by Richard Girnt Butler as an arm of the Christian Identity group known as the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has called Aryan Nations a “terrorist threat”, and the RAND Corporation has called it the “first truly nationwide terrorist network” in the US.

Council of Conservative Citizens, is an American political organization that supports a large variety of conservative and paleoconservative causes in addition to white separatism.

Creativity Movement, (formerly known as the World Church of the Creator) is a white supremacist politico organization that advocates the racialist religion, Creativity.

EURO, is a white separatist organization in the United States. Led by former Louisiana state representative and presidential primary candidate David Duke, it was founded in 2000.

Ku Klux Klan, often abbreviated KKK and informally known as The Klan.

National Alliance, is a white supremacist political organization.

National Association for the Advancement of White People, is a white supremacist organization in the United States incorporated on December 14, 1953 in Delaware by Bryant Bowles which presents itself as a civil rights organization such as the NAACP.

National Policy Institute, is a think tank based in Augusta, Georgia in the United States.

National Socialist Movement (United States), a party founded in 1974. Since 2005 the party has become very active, staging many marches and demonstrations.

National Vanguard, was an American National Socialist organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia, founded by Kevin Alfred Strom and former members of the National Alliance.

Nationalist Movement, is a Mississippi-based, white supremacist organization that advocates what it calls a “pro-majority” position.

Occidental Quarterly, is a printed far-right quarterly journal with a web segment, TOQ Online, including interviews, essays and reviews on the website.[

Phineas Priesthood, is a Christian Identity movement that opposes interracial intercourse, the mixing of races, homosexuality, and abortion.

Volksfront, describes itself as an international fraternal organization for persons of European descent.

White Aryan Resistance, is a neo-Nazi white supremacist organization founded and led by former Ku Klux Klan leader Tom Metzger.

Sadly, we need to add to this list the current Republican Party and its  MAGA ( Make America Great Again)  adherents . By the way, for your information Make America Great Again was one of the campaign slogans used by Ronald Reagan when he ran for president in 1980. So, Trump did not even originate that idea when he ran in 2016. Unlike Reagan, though, Trump’s use of MAGA  was in reality a ‘ Calling card’ for all the aforementioned Neo Nazi, Nazi and White Supremacist minions to latch onto his diabolical train. Just look at the increase in single shooters against Jews, gays and people of color. Factor into that horrendous mix the increase in police shootings of unarmed blacks, which gives a ‘ Black eye’ to the majority of conscientious police officers nationwide. Yes Virginia, the Nazis are still around.

Currently, with the popularity in many quarters of Gov. DeSantis of Florida for President, and of course the continued mesmerized passion for Trump, the rest of us are in deep ****! Too many front lawn signs and too many still wearing those red baseball caps where ever I go. Why is it that many of such people are not anymore well off than me, the quintessential working stiff? What has driven them to follow these far right wing demagogues? Well, if one is a white person who doesn’t want people of color as a neighbor or going to the school with their kids. If one believes that Jesus supports their anti  abortion, anti gay, anti Semitism and of course white supremacist beliefs. If one thinks that the illegal immigrants are more dastardly than the corporations who rip us off from our money almost every day. If one refuses to realize that it is BOTH  major political parties that favor the mega rich ( with the Republicans more overt about it)… well, as a culture we are lost!

This pandemic can spread so quickly as the far right keeps sending out distorted messages. What keeps this disease maintaining its dominance is ANGER, pent up misplaced anger. All working stiffs have a right, actually an obligation, to be angry at how the mega rich, through their lackeys in government and the media, have been screwing us for generations. Yet, when you see the MAGA crowd focus on the Democrats, always, mind you, for the wrong reasons, it becomes tragic. We on the socialist or progressive Left have a myriad of reasons for opposing the sell out Democrats. Of course, the Republicans make the Democrats look like schoolchildren with how overtly they oppose just about anything helpful to the public need. They just come out and support anything to stifle worker’s rights, fairer taxation, Medicare and Dental Care for All, strong unions, a woman’s choice, gay and transgender people  and a cleaner environment. Sadly, these MAGA supporters will march, like their predecessors the Storm Troopers, right back into the Dark Ages!