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There are so many out there that would take a few moments to be thankful this holiday. Where shall I begin?

All the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan and Syrian civilians who were displaced by US carpet bombs and other WMD. Those who are alive and still climbing out of the massive destruction  our exceptional nation has gifted them through our obscene foreign policy give thanks. Those who are dead, well… perhaps they will become like Marley’s ghost and haunt Mr. Bush Jr., Mr. Cheney, Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump on many an eerie Christmas Eve.

All the myriad of weapons manufacturers and other assorted members of the Corporate Military Industrial Empire who made guzillions on the aforementioned foreign entanglements ( Let’s add Ukraine to that list) raise a glass to their good fortune… at taxpayer expense!

All the far right wing Neo Nazi leaders and groups of the European countries where millions of Middle Eastern refugees landed, they are thankful. For, without those US phony wars few of their citizens would ever buy their autocratic fascist bullshit!

All the US corporate landlords and individual absentee landlords  are so thankful that the subprime  con job opened the door for them to buy up foreclosed and underwater homes at bargain prices and keep charging higher and higher rents… sometimes to the very people who once owned those homes!

All those evangelical fools who wouldn’t know Jesus if he sat on their porches are so thankful for men like Donald Trump and his modern Republican Party. Many ‘ Good Christians’  initially even thought that HE was the ‘Anointed one’, but what mattered was the gift Trump gave them in three neo fascist Supreme Court justices to do their bidding. Today, abortion, tomorrow the gays.

All those anti vaxers and anti maskers who just love the two sacred words: Freedom and Liberty. How thankful they must be that a nation with but 5% of the world’s population has the highest death rate from Covid ( over one million and counting). The freedom of not getting vaccinated and the liberty of not having to wear a proper mask indoors has greatly contributed to those numbers, but… at least we here are FREE to get the virus and free to die from it!

The current movers and shakers of the Democratic Party are so thankful that Trump is still around. Without him and his right wing Supreme Court’s ban of Roe v Wade the Democrats would never have evened the score in the Congress. For the time being they can continue to ignore the plight of working stiff Americans. They can remain silent on the need for Universal Health Coverage, public funding of elections, fairer taxation of the mega millionaires and mega corporations, drastic cuts in our obscene and bloated military spending, better drinking water nationwide to name but a few.

Pass the stuffing all you turkeys!!

PA Farruggio
November 2022