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One definition of revelation is: A surprisingly and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made in a dramatic way. This is what many of my fellow working stiffs need to reach: A revelation on how screwed we all have been! Not since the ‘ Gilded Age’ ( 1870s – 1900 approximately) have we seen the Super Rich running roughshod on us all. Whatever it is in business, or sports, entertainment or politics, the 1/4 of 1 % of Americans rule the roost. This preponderance of billionaires and mega millionaires stands tall as the rest of us are but bugs under their feet. Is it time for the 99+ % of us to get off of our couches and shout ‘ Enough is enough?’

Basic fact: The Super Rich control the corporations, the media, politics and even our professional sports. Their voices, like that from their ventriloquist dummies, mesmerize the public AKA their customers and voters  into walking the dead man’s walk of cultural and financial ruin. No matter where you look, everything is skewed in their favor.  Wages ( mostly non union), cost of rental housing, cost of electricity and heat, cost of medical care ( due to NO Medicare and Dental Care for All) , cost of gasoline, cost of cable television, and of course the quality and safety of our food and medicines is ALL under their heavy hand. Basically, may the ‘ Public be damned!’

Some on the far right wing manipulate the honest anger of working stiffs with phony populist rhetoric. Donald Trump’s  Cabal, with assistance from Steve Bannon and The Proud Boy types want working stiffs to believe it is The Deep State, led of course by the Democrats, that needs to be overturned. On the other hand, the sly Democrats also do the bidding of another portion of that same fascist Military Industrial Empire  which encompasses the Deep State. Call it what you may, but the proof is in the pudding: For so long our presidential election scam has been just that. The Super Rich pick and choose the two sellouts to run for the highest office in the land. As Ralph Nader always called it: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. You can then go down the line and see it operate for most of the seats in our Congress… from both sides!

So, we are a society run by very very wealthy people. They hide behind the cover of ‘ Free Enterprise’ and ‘ Private Property’. They seethe  whenever they hear the word Socialism or the phrase ‘ Public ownership’. Look at what occurred after the 2008-09 Subprime scandal. Millions of homes were lost , and as Aaron Glantz informs us in his book Homewreckers , the corporate absentee landlords came busting in. For pennies on the dollar they converted foreclosed homes into great rental opportunities.. for them! Even all American boys ( tongue deep into my cheek) like Sean Hannity and Jarod Kushner became slumlords. Check it out.  How many other working stiffs followed suit in hopes of becoming rental housing entrepreneurs?  So, what is the answer to this mess?

The only anecdotal evidence this writer can give is what happened during the ( so called ) Vietnam War. When it was mostly young people and far left wing groups opposing the beast, as even Nixon referred to it, nothing changed. However, when middle aged Americans who supported both political parties shouted that ‘enough was enough bring em home’, the shift started. Of course, it took those four college kids at Kent State University being gunned down by National Guard kids their own age for the ‘ Beast’ to look for an exit. Perhaps, if enough working stiffs agreed upon one major issue at a time, and drowned the offices of their Congress people and the mainstream media over and over…

PA Farruggio
February, 2023