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Well, you can see on the literally thousands of clips showing the chaos in Afghanistan… as if it only wasn’t  always like this. Twenty years ago the Junior Bush Cabal , as I label them, decided to listen to their empire handlers and create a Phony War in Afghanistan and then another one in Iraq. Who orchestrated the rise of this Taliban, a pseudo fascist Islamist movement? To many, these folks were the remnants of the Mujahedeen that Mr. Bin- Ladin and others organized to fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan decades earlier. Our CIA, that wonderful company they themselves refer to it as, helped aid these fanatics to finally take over that country, the Graveyard of empires. For all we know, this same company may have cut a new deal so that the Taliban could retake control of Afghanistan, never to allow the true democracy that any patriotic citizen would dream of … anywhere!

Many of us, as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 comes upon us, have researched and studied that horrific day in ways the empire’s mainstream media would never do. Many of us, who this same media labels  Far Left and Far Right, truly believe, as my late grandpa Phil would say, ‘ Things are never what they seem.’ Imagine if we are correct, and not just conspiracy nuts that they so easily categorize and condemn us as , that 9/11 was orchestrated by agents within this Military Industrial Empire AKA Deep State. Thus, the pancake like collapse of the floors of the Twin Towers ( in around 10 seconds by the way) gave the impetus to this War on Terror that we still all live under. The utter devastation of those buildings, with thousands of innocent victims, paved the way for the phony justifications of our pre-emptive attacks and occupations of those aforementioned two nations. Forget the fact that the Taliban were eager to turn over Bin-Ladin and avoid such a phony war. No, the Junior Bush Cabal had those plans in operation way before September 11th 2001. Unocal  wanted their oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan. The City of London, the true financial capitol of the western world, along with the US War Economy wished to oust Saddam Hussein. Why? Well, for starters, Hussein was going to start trading his oil in Euros and no longer in dollars… just as Khadafy of Libya 10 years later wanted to create an African currency to replace the need to trade in Petrodollars. Then, we have the fact that our nation wanted control of Iraq’s oil, and our War Economy wanted to follow its usual formula: Attack a nation, destroy its infrastructure, and give out contracts to key donors to rebuild the mess… at taxpayer expense.

It is more than funny, actually quite sad, that few in the embedded in empire media parrot the words of us folks who knew better in 2002-03. That being how the US had NO business invading and occupying those two nations! So, for so many years this notion was never discussed, as it still is not addressed. No, the machine of empire rolls on, or in this case, runs out of gas… for the interim. There are more cards for them to play in this Grand Chessboard. It will be the old favorites of the empire, Russia and China, to point our fingers at. Why not? That Cold War brought fortunes and fame to the less than 1% of us here at home. To quote the helicopter gunner from Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, as he sprays the Vietnamese countryside with bullets, randomly killing and destroying all in his wake: ” Ain’t war great!? “

PA Farruggio
August 2021