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In Godfather 2  there is a riveting ( in its bluntness ) scene involving Michael Corleone and Nevada Senator Pat Geary. At his son’s confirmation party, in a private meeting room, the senator wants a hefty bribe to help with a new casino license. This new ‘ Don Corleone’  refuses to offer one, figuring that he is more powerful than the senator and needs not to pay off. When the senator insults him with invectives about the Italians and this whole mafia fantasy ( in his mind ) Michael Corleone lays out the whole damn ball of wax .” We‘re all part of the same hypocrisy Senator! ”

For generations there has been a seemingly eternal  bag of hypocrisy that is our Two Party/ One Party political system. When these phonies and hypocrites are in front of a camera or at an election campaign event, they barely ever tell you what they really feel. No, instead they rely on ‘ talking points’ drawn up by their slew of advisors , and of course, they play to the emotions of the suckers… sorry, the voters. From Bush Sr. railing about NOT increasing taxes, to his idiot son proclaiming that we don’t need to go to foreign lands with our military… to Obama insinuating that we need to have Medicare for All and that infamous public option… to this present carnival barker who pledged to get the hell OUT of the Middle East.  Isn’t all this what bulls love to excrete?

From the bombardment of commercialism throughout our media and right into our daily lives, the hypocrisy never ends. Insurance companies who say they ‘ Care about you ‘ while doing all they can to NOT pay off on what you deserve. Corporate run restaurants and  businesses who have their employees greet you with some redundant mantra as you enter. Big Pharma that disguises the drugs they peddle as the natural way to good health ( thank God for those side effect notifications at the end of those commercials). Honestly, just about every commercial is full of ****! Tomorrow will be another annual day ( or should I say weekend?) aptly called ‘ Black Friday’ with the mobs who never dared come out to protest the illegal and immoral disgrace of the war on Iraq in 2003… except for but one solitary day in February of that year. Did not Junior Bush let the cat out of the bag after 9/11 when he told Amerika to ‘ Go out and shop? Sadly, many of us are victims of this consumer culture, credit carded and in debt for the new car, 1000 inch plasma television set , smart phone, blackberry and other assorted electronic gadgets. When the next ‘ House of cards’ collapses as it did in 2008…

The great cartoonist of social commentary, Walt Kelly, said it best through his Pogo comic strip: ” We have met the enemy and he be us!”

PA Farruggio
Thanksgiving 2019