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I actually come into contact with many of you folks all the time. When I get car repairs, need a plumber or handyman, or go to a store, most of those I run into are MAGA supporters. On a personal basis you folks are usually nice, decent people. Yet, you support a political group who really don’t have your best interests at heart. It is those hot red button issues that you think are the most crucial: Illegal immigrants, abortion and now the newest hot red button issue of transgender citizens. If you actually are like me and work for a living with but a few crisis driven paychecks from losing it all, then what should matter for you? Is it some Mexican who works under the radar washing dishes or putting in the hours laboring on a 100+ degree Florida roof for much less than union wages? Is it the young single woman who made a mistake and  got herself pregnant by a man she most likely will not even know in six months? Or the teenager who was born a boy and perhaps genetically thirsts to be a female?

Do you folks realize that only around only 1 in 10 working stiffs in the private sector are unionized? If you work for small businesses, do you understand how most owners will do whatever it takes to keep your wages AND equally as important your benefits to a minimum? Do you have to pray that your employer will ‘ Do the right thing’ consistently? If it’s a corporate job, do you like the fact that the CEO earns on average about 300 times what you do? Is that really fair, as you have to continue to fork out a sizeable portion of your paycheck to have even AVERAGE  health coverage? How about when the corporate masters decide to cut costs and close down many of their stores, factories or warehouses etc? What will you do when the meager unemployment check runs out, if even THAT is enough to live on? Now, the powers that be want to make strikes illegal! It’s coming gang. Or do the MAGA masters explain to you how, even if you consider yourself part of the ‘Middle Class’, that by keeping Medicaid terribly underfunded it will hurt you? Imagine this, or should I say realize this: You or your parent or grandparent is reaching the point of needing to go into an assisted living facility, or God forbid a nursing home. The way it works for us who do not have much put away is the need to apply for Medicaid, and then get into a facility… at NO out of pocket cost. You realize a nursing home can cost , here in my state Florida, approximately $ 15k a MONTH!

Before you attack me for being so honest, understand that I have been a major critic for decades of the other, the ‘ Lesser of two evils’ party, the Democrats. Matter of fact, Joe Biden was, along with Hillary Clinton, my least favorite politician for years. He supported the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and actually endorsed that weasel, Alberto Gonzales, for Attorney General. This is after Biden definitely knew that Gonzales, as Bush Jr. lackey, signed off on legitimatizing the use of torture which was written by Jay Bibee ( now a judge, unreal!) and John Yoo ( now a professor at ‘ so called liberal’ University of Cal at Berkeley). During the confirmation hearing for Gonzales , Senator Biden, as ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, actually said ” I like ya”. My shoe almost took out the TV set. So, no affection for him as president at all.

Now, here is what you MAGA supporters need to realize…please! The men and women in the political party that you all support are as close to 1930s German fascism as ever before. As with ALL  fascists, they speak for the Super Rich who only care about Power and Profit! They dangle the words FREEDOM AND LIBERTY but do what they can to keep us working stiffs as merely serfs. Remember, if you want freedom and liberty then realize what party wishes to keep unions OUT of your workplace. Who wants to take away a woman’s freedom over her own body and the liberty to end a pregnancy? Can you imagine if that owner of the bakery in Colorado ( which the Supreme Court voted to side with) refused to serve a Jew or Muslim, or perhaps a Catholic because it went against  their ‘religious precepts’, and not the gay couple who were ordering a wedding cake? As with my earlier argument about the need for better Medicaid coverage, are you MAGA folks ready for the hammer to drop on you or a loved one when despair creeps in?

Plainly speaking, the Democrats are extremely wanting in what they do compared to what they should do. Yet, when push comes to shove, just as with the January 6th riot and insurrection, for now they are the only thing keeping our republic from outright fascism.

PA Farruggio
September 2022