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As the clairvoyant escorted me down the stairs to her office, the first impression that tickled me was the crystals. I mean, her desk’s  table top housed the biggest crystal I had ever seen. It had a prism of colors contained within it that seemed to set the mood for my 1st reading. I had heard about this tiny, portly woman from a lady friend of mine. “She’s the best there is. She’ll blow your mind!” my friend said. Now I was sitting at the desk, face to face with her. She had a pretty face with sparkling eyes, and looked only a few years older than my 29. I could detect a Brooklynese accent ( It takes one to know one they say) so I knew she was not born and bred in Seaford, Long Island. She had this funny manner, atypical for someone who could ‘Tell the future or go over the past’ as they say. The reading then began.

I think it may have been my second reading with her when I brought along the photographs. She had told me to bring pictures of anyone I wanted to find out about from a past life of mine. She took the pile of them and rat a tat tat began explaining who my dad and mom, my wife and of course my two young sons had been to me in a previous life. When she told me of my mother’s previous life it astounded me. She said that my mother had been a famous pantomime clown. I laughed and told her how my mother could make those Emmet Kelly faces and how I always said that she must have been a clown in a previous life. Then she mentioned how my father had been my butler in my last go round. I again laughed because I always referred to my dad as ‘Alphonse the butler’ for how he always seemed to wait on me and drove me anywhere I needed to go… at any time!  I walked out of that reading knowing that my lady friend was spot on.

Suffice to say that I became a steady client of my clairvoyant. As things would have it she and I became friendly. I could call her and she would listen to my problems, either with my ex or a new girlfriend… and sometimes my business. In return I would listen to her own dilemmas with her friends or new acquaintances, or maybe her children or her husband. Sometimes, as the years progressed, she would have lots of people nudging into her life with all kinds of ideas, schemes etc. I became the anchor for her when these people would try to use her for shady business dealings. I guess the old saying that ‘ Psychics are good for everyone except themselves’ rang true in her case. She started to refer to me as her ‘Bro’ explaining that her younger brother had died years ago, leaving just her and her kid sister. I started calling her ‘Sis’ because I never had a sister myself. She introduced me to others from the metaphysical community, some highly gifted as her. As true believers in reincarnation and the ‘Christ Consciousness’, Sis and I had so much in common. How many people can one say that about? She will always have such a secure place in my heart chakra.

Barbara Stabiner, that smiling Jewish girl from Brooklyn who loved Doo Wop, is the best ‘Sis ‘ a guy could ever hope for…. going on 43 years now.

PA Farruggio
January 2022