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The guys and gals at work always called him ‘ Mr. MAGA’ for several reasons. One, he always wore that red hat wherever he went. Two, he was ‘ In ‘ with Trump from 2015 when the guy first entered the presidential race. When he had a day off, or decided to take one, he always showed up at any Florida event for Trump. At those events and rallies he made sure to pick up extra hats and banners and bumper stickers… you never had too many of those. He had plenty of reasons to back this guy. Yeah, he wasn’t too keen on abortion, but that wasn’t a paramount complaint for him. What got in his craw was always those damn entitlements given out to the minorities. When his kid got really sick, it cost him a few thousand dollars for the paramedics, the emergency room and the two day hospital stay for her. His shitty company insurance only covered a fraction of it; yet those damn illegal aliens got it all on the arm… his taxpayer’s arm! That really pissed him off! Trump said the wall would work to keep those freeloaders out, and it was about time! The gay thing wasn’t too big a hassle for him. He didn’t like being around gays that much, if only they would just stay in the damn closet! It was the blacks and their constant demands for Uncle Sam to breast feed them all. Those street riots were too much for him to watch on the television. All the rioting, destroying property, and the looting! It seemed every week there was another one somewhere. He knew sometimes the cops can go too far, he was the first to admit that. But to condemn a whole police force for the acts of a handful. No way!

He knew the election had to have been stolen. How in the hell could an incumbent president lose to a jackass like Joe Biden? No, he knew the fix was in. Trump was just too outspoken and honest for the media to accept him. The Clintons and the Obamas had been pushing us into becoming a Socialist totalitarian nation, and Trump was the antidote… so he had to go. The Democrats sucked up to the Blacks and Hispanics for generations, and look what was happening. The neighborhoods became integrated with more crime and more drugs. He didn’t hate them, just don’t push them onto me and my family he would always say. Why, he worked with a few Black guys and they all got along OK. He didn’t need to socialize with anybody he chose not to. This was America wasn’t it?

The first time he did feel troubled a bit by Trump was in regards to this pandemic. He was ‘All in’ with Trump on the pandemic at first. He believed that the president must have had information that he did not have regarding this virus. When Trump called it all a hoax back in February and March, he echoed that to anyone and everyone around him. What he couldn’t figure was when the tape of Trump speaking with Bob Woodward was released. In it Trump said to Woodward that he knew way back in January that the virus was both powerful and highly contagious… really deadly. He remembered his MAGA friends saying that Trump only kept up with the hoax story to keep us all from panicking. No, he just didn’t feel right about it all. He had some doubts.

On January 6th he could not get to go to DC with other MAGA friends from Florida. He needed to stay and work… too many days off and sick days already. So, he watched it all unfold on the TV and man, it really shook him up. He even noticed one or two of his MAGA  buddies in the crowd at the Capitol building. HIs wife said it for him: “You are shit lucky you aren’t there. Those people have gone too damn far!” When he heard , and watched, the violent actions by the crowd, it startled him. Then, he saw the video of Trump telling the crowd that HE was going with them to march on the Capitol building. When he found out Trump never did go with the crowd…. the next morning he took ALL the Trump banners and bumper stickers off  of his house and cars. The only one he did keep hanging from his fence was the one about NO MORE ENTITLEMENTS FOR LAZY PEOPLE!! After all, that was something bigger than just Trump.

PA Farruggio
January 2021