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In previous columns I named our country ‘ MoronAmerica’, not just for those who run things and rule us, but for the public in general. Now, I say ‘ in general’ because obviously with over 300 million of us, there are many wise souls, who shall we say bluntly, ‘ Know Better’. It’s not simply to categorize those who support the more right wing of the Two Party/One Party system ( the Republicans) as the only Morons. They surely must be morons to support the super rich who screw them ‘ Face to face’ and ‘ Day to day’. No, the other half of that Two Party/One Party scam ( the Democrats) get all excited with the phony rhetoric of their political leaders. Factor out support for a woman’s right to choose and gay rights and voting rights ( all very serious issues indeed) and their party is even more warmongering lately. Either way, we the working stiffs who wind up paying through the nose for receiving squat in return stand on the sidelines as ‘ Spectators at our own execution’. Sad

Imagine being a supporter of phony Senator Ted Cruz of Texas .You bought into all his BS rhetoric for years, thinking that Ted ‘ has your back’. Then, the creep sends his wife and kids ( along with himself of course) to some island paradise smack dab during a massive statewide power outage during a February Texas freeze. Millions of his constituents, including those where Teddy boy lived, went days without any electricity/ home heating. Sixty six Texans died and over 14 million had no electricity or heating for at least 44 hours. When confronted by the media Teddy boy attempted to BS his way out. He tried to sell the idea that he was ‘ Chaperoning ‘ his kids . Of course, his wife’s email revealed how she planned this as soon as the sub freezing mist was cutting their power off. Only a Moron would vote for this clown’s re-election… and we’ll see how many will. By the way, Senator BS just reiterated that the Jan 6th insurrection was really a ‘ Peaceful rally’ …. though his hypocritical rhetoric is always all about ‘ Law and Order’ … just not for the DC Capitol Police.

Imagine if we gave Sodium Pentothal ( AKA Truth Serum) to all our elected male officials who oppose Roe V Wade. This would include the ‘ Ringmaster to the Morons’ ,our previous president. Let’s ask them all how many abortions they either paid for or influenced a woman they knocked up to receive? We should at the same time find out what their feelings are about same sex relationships, for those of them who oppose gay rights. Recall Ted Haggard, founder and pastor of his own church in Colorado for decades? Ted had always  preached that homosexuality was a sin etc, and then in 2006 he was found to have had a 20 year sexual relationship with another man.  Ted lost his church and his flock soon after  but miraculously came right back a few years later.  Anything it seems is possible when hypocrites have the powerful and moneyed interests behind them. Of course Ted blamed his same sex choices on the fact that he was sexually abused as a young man ( He says). He still won’t advocate gay rights etc , but ‘ Welcomes gays to his church’ …. perhaps to convert them? What a guy!  Getting back to a woman’s right to choose, so Trump went out of his way to appoint three justices who we always  knew were opposed to Roe V Wade, even though the three of them did the famous dance around the truth. Trump accomplished  this for that portion of his ‘ Base’ which may still think that witches should be burned at the stake… along with abortion doctors. Yet, let’s see what that truth serum comes up with.

How about those Democrats? Up until the Trump phenomena became too real ( even Surreal) this writer supported the Green Party despite their failures to go the full Socialist route. This last election, with realizing how much I have disdained Joe Biden and how he promised but failed to represent us working stiffs his entire career, I was forced to vote for him and all his Democrat cronies here in Florida. Why? Each day our nation is flirting with Fascism at our doorstep. The far right wing has totally inculcated the Republican Party, so much so that Richard Nixon would be labeled a ‘ Lefty’ today. (Check his domestic policy record and see for yourself). The Democrats know that they are only the band aid to stop this Fascist bleeding. Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to be the Interventionist Party, asking for more and more of our tax dollars for everything but our own Safety Net. Like their bastard Two Party/ One Party siblings, they too suck up to the corporations and Super Rich.

 The rational and just citizens like myself have been marooned at some library as this storm hits.

PA Farruggio

May 2022