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As an informed citizen who has disdain for the Two Party/One Party Scam, I have spun towards the ‘ Lesser of ‘ party if only to save my nation from a fascist assault. Yes, it has always been there staring me in the eyes, but since the Trump swamp it has gone off the radar. This current Republican Party is candidly not much better than the Nazi Party circa 1932-45. To all my fellow compatriots on the Left who seem to overlook this a bit at times, the ‘ Big Bad Wolf’  is at our nation’s door! I voted for probably one of the most heinous politicians of my generation’s Democratic Party in 2020, because I happen to live in Florida, and this state is not always what they call Super Red. This is how far down the rabbit hole we have slid.

Regardless of what anyone tries to sell me, the riot AKA Insurrection at our nation’s Capitol on January 6th was horrific. It wasn’t just the fools who drank the Trump Kool-Aid and like lemmings marched off the cliffs of reason that day. No, it was the phony legislators who still, to this day, downplay the riot. Many of them were holed up in those House and Senate chambers, scared shitless that the minions were becoming dangerous… to their health (Josh Hawley, fist pumping the mob and then running for his life, is actually a United States Senator… can you believe it!?). Just like the Civil Rights march over the Pettus bridge in Alabama on March 7th, 1965, fear and violence ruled supreme. In that situation it was the police who inflicted the terrible damage on the peaceful protestors. This time, Jan 6th, 2021, it was the other way around. Please imagine if you can if, on January 6th, it was a Black Lives Matter mob that attempted to force their way into the Capitol while the legislature was in session. How many dead bodies would there have been on those steps? Ask yourself that.

The Feds have countless tapes and videos showing the former president front and center inciting his supporters. There was also Rudy Giuliani doing the same. Steve Bannon has been documented, from his podcast and communications before the event, riling up the fools to do violence. Why, after the long and detailed January 6th  Commission, there have been NO indictments on the aforementioned? Instead, the Democrats ( and we know they pull the strings ) chose to have NYC go after Trump for the payoff for his peccadillo. Yes, what he was doing is illegal and should be prosecuted… but NOT until he faces the real  treasonous actions, along with others from his cabal! Instead, they are making this man once again, as with the Russia gate phony fiasco, a sympathetic figure. We know that the diehard MAGA  faithful will follow this guy anywhere. Sadly, there are many out there who may have turned away from him  after his crazy Big Steal rhetoric and the January 6th disgrace. All it does is give this man the attention he does not deserve… other than seeing him in the docket for treason and sedition.

PA Farruggio
April 5th, 2023