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They say we are a nation respecting freedom and individual privacy. Well, take a look at this news blip taken from anyone of many news sites:

“Public universities in Florida will be required to survey both faculty and students on their political beliefs and viewpoints, with the institutions at risk of losing their funding if the responses are not satisfactory to the state’s Republican-led legislature. 

The unprecedented project, which was tucked into a law signed Tuesday by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, is part of a long-running, nationwide right-wing push to promote “intellectual diversity” on campuses — though worries over a lack of details on the survey’s privacy protections, and questions over what the results may ultimately be used for, hover over the venture.

Based on the bill’s language, survey responses will not necessarily be anonymous — sparking worries among many professors and other university staff that they may be targeted, held back in their careers or even fired for their beliefs. 

According to the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Ray Rodrigues, faculty will not be promoted or fired based on their responses, but, as The Tampa Bay Times reported Tuesday, the bill itself does not back up those claims.

Though the bill does not specify what the survey results will be used for, both DeSantis and Rodrigues suggested that the state could institute budget cuts if university students and staff do not respond in a satisfactory manner.”

First question is the obvious one: How in the hell could this bill NOT be un constitutional!? This is an outrage! It is a precursor to just about anything which even the late Neo Fascist Junior Senator from Wisconsin could imagine being implemented. It is bad enough that our chubby governor, lusting heavily for the White House, edicts for grade school teachers to warn kids about the horrors of Communism. HIs new ‘ Don’t Say Gay’ bill and his bills that covertly act to play down the powerful results of slavery are just more notches in this man’s political holster. The real sad truth is the absence of many in his party to stand up to this 1930s German Mindset. Where will this all flow? Well, find neighbors who voted for him for governor. Ask them, politely, how they feel about the above. Now, here’s the skinny on this: IF THEY DON’T LIKE THESE BILLS, ASK THEM IF THEY WOULD VOTE FOR HIS RE-ELECTION, OR ELECTION AS PRESIDENT. I already know the answer… in a landslide.

Our chubby governor is not even the Tip of this iceberg. No, the real culprits here are not only the foolish ones who follow this pied piper. Actually, it is anyone who remains silent as the jackboot is being lowered on the neck of Florida… all of us! The right wing knows this and thus they sit back and watch their expensive propaganda take effect. Since there is no real and viable ‘ Left Wing’ in this republic, the Democrats happily took that place and have little or No Bite. The entire national party of theirs should have been in front of the cameras ( which I only pray I had in front of me) blasting my chubby governor for his… yeah let’s say it ‘ Fascist dictums’. But they want us to vote for them in November next, and of course November of ‘ 24… and guess what? This descent into 1930s Nazi Germany may get me, a true Socialist and Anti Empire Activist, to do just that! Orwell would be so honored!!!

PA Farruggio
July, 2022