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The late great spiritual teacher Louise Hay taught that resentment is terrible for one’s health. She said to ‘ Release’ from resentment as a daily exercise. This writer does agree with Ms. Hay that this existence is but a dream. We all have the power to create our dream, act in it, direct it as well. I don’t know about you but the opportunity for resentment is so great nowadays that I have decided to view it with laughter. If not, the sadness would overwhelm me.

As a person who has many times stood up to injustice and greed, boy am I in a fix! From the Vietnam phony war of the 60s and 70s, to the Iraq phony wars ( two for the price of one) of the 90s and 2000s, it was so easy to have resentment. In those days I joined with other good souls and grit my teeth at this Military Industrial Empire. I had no use for the Democratic Party then as now. As far as the other group, the Republican fascist label fits them like a glove. Well, things could and would and DID get worse since con man Trump took office. Yet, what did his political adversaries decide to do in 2020? They chose, in my experience, the worst choice in lifelong Neo Con Joe Biden who was pitiful in both the polls and the early debates within his own party. And just like magic the power brokers who run their party maneuvered and manipulated for his candidacy. Biden has always been on the wrong side of many important issues for decades! Does anyone remember that he supported the Bill Clinton welfare reform bill which hammered home against millions of our children? In 2002 and 2003 Biden supported the Bush/Cheney illegal and disgraceful wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. He never found an increase in military spending that he opposed. The man sat on the Judiciary Committee hearing ( 1991) for the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination and tore apart Anita Hill, and look what we got 32 years later? Now Biden  apparently is ‘ Losing it’ mentally and that is sad… but disgraceful that the Fat Cat Democratic movers and shakers support his re-election. The man should retire! Instead, we will once again have the choice between an outright fascist Republican ( regardless of who they choose) and a phony working stiff supporter. Look how Biden sold out the railroad workers, just flirting with more and more crashes and environmental tragedies. I live in Florida, which was and can be what they call a ‘ Swing State’. I held my nose and voted for Biden in 2020 to keep the other mad wolf from our nation’s door. I refuse to waste my rhetoric on the Republicans. Just study 1930s Weimar Germany to understand the danger they present to our republic.

Thank goodness this writer and semi retired activist can use laughter on a daily basis… to keep the tears of resignation from flowing like rain through a letter box. I laugh at the Two Party/One Party media minions who just love to cover the ‘ Horse Race’ while disregarding the myriad of issues of importance for all working stiffs and poor folks. I turn the dial and laugh at how much money , in millions and tens and hundreds of millions, that the pro sports teams pay out to their players. That’s but a ‘ chuckle’ when I see how filthy rich the owners are… along with the heads of the sports media that cover the games. These characters are billionaires  or close to it. Everybody makes out but the poor slob who pays through the nose to go to a game, buy team sportswear or be buried alive by the cable television provider. Scrolling the boob tube dial I sit through a slew of Big Pharma commercials and laugh. Thank heavens for the list of side effects that they must state at the end of the commercial. Some of the side effects are much riskier than the ailment mentioned! And aren’t the ‘ Human Interest’ commercials a piss? Everything will be so much better in your life if you will take that drug, as prescribed. Then you can take that walk in the meadow with the birds chirping, the sun so magnificent and immersed in a powder blue sky… Just watch out for those side effects!

The news talk shows seen on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NewsMax in particular are either fronting for one or the other of the Two Party/One Party joke. As a true Lefty socialist I lose my temper a bit ( sorry Louise) when I see the far right wing Republicans call the right wing Democratic Party ‘ The Left’. The only ‘ Left’ is how the Two Party/One Party scam has caused us working stiffs to be ‘ Left behind’ financially and  economically. What better way than to label all this madness as Orwellian. Folks, we are all living in a merger of Animal Farm & 1984!

PA Farruggio
June 2023