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Disappointing that many of you loyal Trump and Republican MAGA supporters don’t understand history. I could ( and may very well do so) create a whole standup comedy routine on this fact. Here we have most, if not all, of the Republican presidential wannabees who continually discount United States slavery and its ramifications. Ms. Haley, herself a product of two parents from India, must have failed to study her ancestor’s history under British colonial rule. It may not have been outright slavery, but their caste system was nurtured by the Brits for generations. Perhaps she should watch Richard Attenborough’s 1982 film Gandhi with the fine actor Ben Kingsley ( also Indian) playing the Mahatma. The Indians were treated just as harshly as our southern freed slaves. Nikki, like most from her party, continues to chant the mantra of States Rights as the cause of our Civil War. Nikki baby, and all you other MAGA fools, it was primarily the South’s ‘ States Right’ to own slaves!

On the subject of my governor ( Tsk tsk) Captain Ron, remember when this clown actually stated that under slavery blacks could ‘ Learn trades’ that would help them later on when they were freed. So, for a couple of hundred years the slave who learned how to be a carpenter could use that skill… when? This is the same Captain Ron who preaches ‘ Freedom and Liberty’ and then wants to take that right away from any woman who wishes to end a pregnancy. Too bad he doesn’t mimic that great American jurist, who ( in the eyes of many) lied through his teeth when challenged by Anita Hill over 30 years ago. If Clarence Thomas had his way they would outlaw and criminalize contraceptives! This is while Captain Ron makes sure that his minions like the Moms for Liberty ban books and burn books that they don’t like. Isn’t ‘ Freedom and Liberty’ great?

Sadly, to this Socialist thinker and activist, the Two Party/One Party charade has only polarized us. When I say ‘ Us’ I mean any working stiff who has to be under the control of a private sector boss. And to those of you who use the analogy of how this economy is booming with the stock market breaking new highs, remember the words of the late great Col. Bob Bowman. Col Bob , the same guy who flew Navy fighter jets during the Vietnam War era, had his epiphany soon after and opposed what we had been doing there, so much so that he spoke before the Congress. When he was running for a Congressional seat in Florida as a Democrat in 2006, I interviewed him for my radio show. At lunch soon after I asked Col. Bob his views on our economy. ” Well, Philip, it is easy to understand. When wages stay low the market goes up. When wages rise the market goes down.”

The real conundrum is how many working stiffs vehemently support Donald Trump and the Republicans, and, likewise, how many working stiffs vehemently support the Democrats and Joe Biden. In reality both camps are not only corrupt, but do so much to hurt us working stiffs. The Republicans and Trump are like a pack of wolves who just devour us with their sucking up to the Super Rich. The Democrats are more like the foxes who ‘ Feel our pain’ while they do as little as possible to stand up to those same Super Rich. After all, it is the Super Rich who subsidize both parties financially. Now, here’s the kicker. This current Republican Party is so far off the radar and as close to the fascist parties that ran Germany , Italy and Spain during the 1930s. Putting it bluntly, these folks are dangerous! If we wish to stop their assault, level headed people like yours truly must do inevitable and vote the other way. Why? Well Virginia, there is not only NO Santa Claus, but there is NO democracy either at this time. All a left leaning or Socialist 3rd party would do is allow the fascist Republican Party to win. Read your history folks: If the Social Democratic Party ( similar to our own Democratic Party) would have joined with the German Communist Party from 1928 to 1930 they could have stifled the Nazi Party. They both refused to do so and the rest is history.

PA Farruggio
Port Orange, Florida
386 756 8689
New Year 2024