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There has to be a heaven, if only by process of elimination. You see, if there is a hell then there has to be the antidote, heaven. To this writer, who has spent his adult life studying many facets of what many call metaphysics, this trip we are all on is nothing more than a dream. Perhaps we can substitute the term purgatory for this third dimensional  so called life. It is nothing more than a universal test, this mortality we reside in. Choices are constantly thrown at us, and we have the free will to decide what to do on each occasion. Food for thought indeed.

For those who study history, especially world history, just about every century has had instances of death and destruction. Again, it was just free will in most cases. Before I was born we had the single worst period of the 20th Century: WW2 and the Third Reich with its bastard child, the Holocaust. When all the smoke cleared what did we as humanity ( or should I say the leaders of the powerful nations) learn from this tragedy? Greed and power fed the narrative for selfishness and outright… dare I say it… EVIL! Ego replaced empathy as a select few controlled and dominated the rest of us. The love of money stood front and center. Look around you. How many of you out there have to juggle finances to stay above water while the Super Rich laugh inside of their gated communities? Look at the politicians who are supposed to lead us? They are either mega millionaires, Wannabe millionaires or proponents of a ‘ Free Market’ for the wealthy.

Who do you think creates wars? Is it the 9 to 5 working stiff or unemployed working stiff? Who do you think creates economic depressions? Who benefits from both of the aforementioned? Just go back to the 2003 ( illegal and immoral) attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq, and then five years later the subprime housing bubble crisis. Was it low or middle income Americans who started the shit storm? No, it was what I mentioned earlier: Greedy and powerful super rich people who had their fingers wrapped around our government , media and business. They owned enough of the politicians to start their wars, ones in which they or their relatives never had to participate in. Fortunes were and ARE made. Simple reality: You bomb the hell out of a country destroying its infrastructure, and then go in with contracts to rebuild. You screw up an economy during a financial crisis and then get the working stiff taxpayers to bail you out. Do you remember then Sec. of Treasury Henry Paulson standing  before the cameras in 2008, almost tearing up. He was so sad that America was ready for default. Poor Henry, who a year or two earlier retired as CEO of the bandit Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs with a compensation package worth $ 500 million! 

Donald Trump belongs behind bars for most likely many crimes. To me, his biggest one was inciting an insurrection on January 6th, 2021. They have him on tape saying as much. Imagine if the mob that stormed the Capitol Building was made up of protestors against police murder of unarmed black citizens. They would not have even gotten to the front entrance before being tear gassed and shot dead. Yes, Trump and his Cabal should have all been indicted by now. Let’s retrace back to the phony war on Iraq orchestrated by the Bush Cabal. Junior Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell and many other generals and officials should have been indicted for war crimes. Ditto Obama for what was done under his watch. Mr ‘ Hope and Change’ had 10X more drone missile attacks than the criminal Bush gang.

Methinks that there is what I call Universal Justice AKA Karma. To all the greedy and powerful who do such evil deeds: Your elevator will be ready someday. No need to pack.

PA Farruggio
October 2022