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The 1933 Marx brothers film Duck Soup was meant to be a satirical look at Benito Mussolini, ruler of Italy. In the film the mythical country of Freedonia , ruled by the effervescent Rufus T. Firefly ( played by Groucho), due to an insult by the ambassador of rival nation Sylvania, declares war. Laughs abound.

Well, in our own nation of ‘ Free markets’, ‘ Free enterprise’ and ‘ Free use of war’ whenever it pleases us, we are led by another Firefly, who is as comedic as he is dangerous to peace. Of course, the major difference with movie’s Freedonia and our own is like night and day. In the film the leader, Firefly, had full control of every decision needed to be made. In our Freemerika, Mr. Trump, regardless of the image he portrays as an absolute ruler, has to dance to the tune of the Military Industrial Empire, just like ALL our previous presidents.

Folks, sorry to say, but presidents are not so much harnessed by our Constitution or Congress ( or even the Supreme Court) but by the wizards who the empire picks to advise him. They decide the ‘ when and if’ of such dramatic actions like the other day’s drone missile murder in Iraq of the Iranian general. Unlike when Groucho decides he was insulted by Trentino, the Sylvanian ambassador, and declares ‘ This means war!’, Mr. Trump gave the order for the assassination… but ONLY after those behind the curtain advised him.

To believe that our presidents have carte blanche to do the heinous deeds is foolish at best. LBJ’s use of the Gulf of Tonkin phony incident to gung ho in Vietnam was not just one man making that call. Nixon’s Christmas carpet bombing of Hanoi, Bush Sr.’s attack on Iraq in 1991, his son’s ditto against Iraq in 2003, Obama’s use of NATO to destroy Libya in 2011, and this latest arrogance by Trump were all machinations by this empire’s wizards who advised them. When the late Senator Robert Byrd stood before a near empty Senate chamber in 2003 to warn of this craziness, that told it all!

We are not led by Rufus T. Firefly, rather a Cabal – most in this government do not even realize who in the hell these people are!

Of course, the embedded mainstream media does the usual job of demonizing who the empire chooses to be our enemies. As with this recent illegal act by our government of crossing into another nation’s sovereignty to do the deed, now they all tell us how deadly this Iranian general was. Yet, how many of the news outlets ever mentioned this guy for what they now tell us he was, for all these years?

Well, here is the kicker. I do not know what this man was responsible for, regarding acts of insurgency against US forces in Iraq. Maybe he did aid in the attacks on US personnel. Maybe he also was there to neutralize the fanatical ISIS terrorists who were killing US and Iraqi personnel in Iraq and Syria. What I do know is that, in the first place, we had no business ever invading and occupying Iraq… period! Thus, the rest of this Duck Soup becomes postscript.

PA Farruggio
January 6th, 2020