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{As a preface to this column, this writer has been an adherent of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Thus, I believe wholeheartedly in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and that he was truly  ‘ Anointed with the Christ spirit’.}

One Sunday morning I decided to drive to the beach and take a walk along the shore. Using our very old Camry ( 2003) it only had AM/FM radio. As I strolled thru the dial every other station I came to had religious shows, with the name of Jesus repeated continuously. The preachers, regardless of what church they represented, talked of ‘ Serving God’ and ‘ Accepting Jesus as savior’. Disappointedly, none of the preachers touched upon topics like injustice or prejudice, or economic unfairness. No Sir! That is taboo when it comes to what I refer to as ‘ Evangelical Radio and Television’. If ‘ God is Love’ as the wise ones always claim, then it goes to reason that  Mega Millionaires who keep most of  their fortune cannot practice Love for their fellow man. Since ‘ God is Love’ then they are NOT with their God… or any God!

My late friend and Peace Activist Ed Dunphy once was in North Carolina on business back in 2004. Ed was a marathon runner and thought that the campus at North Carolina State was a nice place to work out. As he was running he passed by a bible class that was outdoors on this beautiful afternoon. After he finished his run, Ed walked over to the group. ” I heard you  all discussing abortion, and I agree with you about abortion. I am not in favor of it also. Yet, I wonder if you all are opposed to what our government has done to the people of Iraq with our carpet bombing campaign of ‘ Shock and Awe’ “? They looked at him as if he was an ET that just landed. ” What I mean is are you as angry about aborting fetuses  as you should be towards our government’s bombing and destroying pregnant women carrying fetuses with what is excused as ‘ Collateral Damage’? The teacher asked Ed to please leave or he would call security.

Imagine all those Sunday morning Bible Thumping preachers and their flocks who gave full support to men like Bush Jr. and Trump ? Of course, since most of them do vote Republican, no need to bring up Obama, a fellow war criminal, who I suppose most ‘ Born Again ‘ Democrats supported. How about Biden, who just began sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, which can kill indiscriminately?  Getting back to Bush Jr. and Trump, one wonders how someone can quote scripture and believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and then cheer for those two despicable men? It seems as long as someone comes down hard on abortion and the LBGT community, it matters not what we do to those dark peoples in the Middle East. Can we now make the connection of controlling the desert poor to the poor black and browns in our inner city ghettoes? The hypocrisy is astounding! Imagine the matter of John Bolton, infamous war mongerer since the Vietnam era ( where, he said he supported that ‘ War’ but did not like how it was being handled, so he chose NOT to go) coming out hard against Trump. Imagine! More food for thought about this Military Industrial Empire and its various factions, who all SUCK, but still have differences as to best control the rabble.

When the day comes, and it will, and the very people who blindly support this empire and its minions realize that THEY are next in line to be on that food bank and welfare line. Jesus was correct: No one can serve TWO masters!

PA Farruggio
July, 2023