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They’ll be shooting off the fireworks, eating and drinking like ‘ Ants at a picnic’ and sending ‘ Social Distancing’ out the window. Why not? It’s July 4th once again, a time to celebrate. Celebrate what? This pandemic is showing its teeth once again, the economy that Trump needs to be vibrant (for his biggest ‘ Deal’) going down the tubes once more, and rents and mortgage payments are soon to be due. So what will this emperor with no clothes choose to do? Will he get his Republican minions in Congress to create an extended rent/mortgage moratorium ( We know the ‘ We feel your pain and kneel with you’ Democrats will go along) and send out another dog biscuit of $1200? Folks, we are on the precipice of a long recession/ depression. Only a matter of time…

So, keep firing up those grills, shoot on the burgers and chicken ( steak for you One Per centers), pop open a Bud and celebrate! NO time for the ‘Trump Thumpers’ to begin questioning the lunacy of this administration and its Republican Party. As more of their numbers get ill and many die, will they understand the criminal behavior of this gang running things? No time for that loyal Democratic base to question why their party elders ( Schumer and Pelosi et all) aren’t pushing for the ONLY solution for the immediate future: A Universal Basic Income from $1000 to $2000 a month for all citizens. After all, why should those corporate controlled Demoncrats and Repugnantins care about those peanuts? They got more to be concerned with . The far right wing of this Two Party/ One Party scam needs the Market to be vibrant, and will do anything to make that occur, even if it means cutting social services even more than before. The Neo Con Center/Right Dems want to keep the natives scared shitless of Trump and his crew. Screw the blacks in the streets protesting police brutality. Pander to them so long as they don’t go further in their demands for real change… Duh, like a Socialist one?

Bernie Sanders and other ( so called ) progressive Dems are now calling for a 10% cut in military spending. So, even if they succeed, that means only 40+% of your taxes will go down that rabbit hole. This writer, for years, was part of a movement to demand a 25% cut from this obscene military spending. I even spoke to my local city council, mentioning the other cites that signed on to this resolution. As one can figure, it got nowhere. Now, years later ( and with even higher amounts spent) the radicals want 10% cut. Go figure. We have a pandemic of monumental proportions, whereupon $ billions more are needed for health coverage, emergency care for the infected, materials for our caregivers, housing and food for the poor and ‘Working poor’. Yet, no one wants to point the finger at the Less than 1% of us who are worth mega millions, even billions! NO, this is Independence Weekend. Isn’t the election right around that corner?

It sure is! This is why the hundreds of millions of us who still think that voting will solve everything need to wake up! If only those working stiff Trump Thumpers who get their ‘ marching orders’ from Fox and other far right outlets, and working stiff Dem supporters who ditto their info from NPR and MSNBC, would pause a bit. Shovel those cheeseburgers and fries to the side. Put the beer down. Think! Think some more! For those religious adherents, remember the passage from the New Testament: ” Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven.” This pandemic, viral and economic, is really ALL about Class! If we had working stiffs running things we would have seen lots of relief by now from the virus and the economic slowdown. 20th Century Corporate Capitalism does not work!! THAT is what all the protests should be centering on!

Philip A Farruggio – July 2020