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In a play on words the ‘US’ in my title can mean the ‘Us’ being we here in the USA. Get it? You see, what our nation has become is simply one big bordello! Wherever you look you see whores surrounding us working stiffs. I don’t mean the ‘working girls’  who must ‘do the thing’ to make an indecent but sufficient living. No, the whores I refer to are the myriad of our elected officials, public servants, corporate lackeys and so called journalists and media personalities who dance for the man.

Look at the arena of politics. In it you have either very wealthy ( duh, like a fraction of the 1%) officeholders or those who suck up to the super rich who subsidize their careers in politics. Never, in 90+% of the cases, do you see politicians who rally support for us working stiffs. Thus, we still have NO national health coverage for ALL citizens. Thus, the premiums keep going up and the services rendered tougher to obtain. My wife and I pay over $7,000 a year for her hospitalization plan, as she is still one year away from receiving Medicare. When she had an emergency kidney stone situation, the ambulance fee (to take her, by the way, one mile to the hospital) came out to $640. Her insurance covered but $144.  The hospital ER bill just came to us, and we owe $2800 out of a total charge of $4300. So, Blue Cross hit us with their $2500 deductible and we are up the creek. And this was all for services at the ER triage room. If they had admitted her into a hospital room instead perhaps the insurance would have had to cover her CAT Scan and other treatments.  Thus, we still have private insurance companies that do whatever they can to NOT cover our asses. In my state of Florida most of them don’t even offer coverage for homeowners due to the excessive damages caused by hurricanes and floods. They basically fled from Florida. Where are the whores we elected to demand government run insurance? What they so shrewdly call ‘Public Utilities’ are anything but that. So, we have CEOs and top execs earning mega millions yearly while our rates skyrocket. Where are the whores from the statehouse bordellos demanding locally owned and operated energy?

When you turn on the boob tube the whores in front of the cameras are usually very wealthy performers, as I call them. In news talk or on sports talk these hosts and co hosts earn mega millions per year while our cable bills skyrocket. Do you think they have to worry about their health coverage  costs or their mortgage payments, or the cost of attending a pro sports game or event? Once again these whores are within the fraction of 1% of our populace. Will the cost of three meals a day for their family put any dent in their wallet or purse? As with their cohorts in politics these folks do NOT have a clue about what many of my readers are going through. Not a clue! Yet, they all seem to have a ‘holier than thou’ reaction when some of us call them out. Well, after all, we are the serfs and indentured servants that keep them in power.

As this new type of fascism seeps through the public consciousness, delivered by demagogues like Trump, DeSantis and their Republican counterparts, public be aware and beware! The only remedy is for working stiffs to understand that Socialism is not totalitarianism. Public ownership and management is not the evil that the right wing has been selling for generations. Small business capitalism should be the ONLY private enterprise acceptable in our great nation. All the rest should be for our public benefit and interest. Close those bordellos and free working stiffs from all that nonsense!

PA Farruggio
August, 2023