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In the 1970 film Patton, we see a scene where two battle worn soldiers marching along the road are passed by a jeep carrying General Patton. One guy looks and then says ” There goes old ‘ Blood and guts.’ ” The other soldier smirks and answers ” Yeah, OUR blood and HIS guts!” So it is for the Super Rich who have been popularizing and subsidizing to some extent this far right wing, Neo Fascist ( Neo Nazi?) white supremacist movement for perhaps generations. Supposed mainstream electronic/print media owned by the aforementioned Super Rich, along with their countless think tanks ( now that’s quite an oxymoron), have given backhanded license to such a horrific mindset. It only seems to get worse whenever the suckers elect politicians that do the bidding of these bastards. The celebrated and phony populist demagogue now running the show has to ‘ suck up ‘ to the same Super Rich handlers of empire that the other residents of  1600 Pennsylvania Ave have done, going back decades. {Please note: The last one who stopped doing that left Dallas in a box.}

So, here it is, three full years and one day since another nail was driven into the coffin of republican democracy: The Charlottesville White Supremacist March of August 12th, 2017… with little news coverage of the anniversary. No, August 12th, 2020 will be remembered ( and way ‘ Over reported’) as the day that Kamala Harris was picked to run with ‘ Lunchbox Joe’ AKA ‘ Sleepy Joe’ AKA ‘ The Ukraine made me and my son rich ‘ Biden. The tragic and most important to never forget events in Charlottesville on the weekend of August 12th, 2020 should have been THE major news story yesterday. The video of that group of mostly male white men, holding torches and repeating ‘ Blood and Soil’ and ‘ Jews will NOT replace us’  nearby a prestigious college campus ( where many of the men were students ) should be played over and over and over. Matter of fact, the stupid Democratic Party should have been using that video and following comments by this president ( ” There were many FINE people on both sides ‘ ) as one of their main 30 second commercials to help dump Trump. Why haven’t they? Where are the Jewish people within his disgraceful administration speaking out, or actually resigning? Where were all those Israeli hypocrites running that nation showing outrage? Methinks of that famous answer by newly elected Barack Obama when asked why his administration was not pursuing investigations into the run-up to our illegal ( and immoral ) attack and occupation of Iraq. He basically danced around it all by stating that it was time to ‘ Look forward and not back’ , thus letting the lying, deceitful and murderous Bush/Cheney cabal off the hook  for their war crimes… and war crimes they were!

Being a baby boomer this writer lived through the ‘ Duck and Cover’ A Bomb drills of the 1950s. I experienced genuine fear during the ‘ Fall Out shelter’ pandemonium of the early 60s, and of course the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when we Catholics went to nightly Novenas at our Church to pray for peace…we were so scared shitless! Then I had to live through the Viet Nam debacle ( money maker for corporate Amerika) seeing young men like myself returning from ‘ The Shit ‘, as they called it, in a box. To be drafted in the mid to late 60s was a one way ticket into a zone of death… for both Americans and Vietnamese. For what, many of my peers who had to go there asked? Yet, the greatest sadness for me was that eventful day, March 19th of 2003. Having a sleepless night before, when only Canadian news television presented a more ‘ balanced ‘ report of what was to take place, I awoke for breakfast. I remember that I stood, for some reason, far from the television as I watched the coverage of what war criminal Rumsfeld ( Sec. of War… sorry, Sec. of Defense) labeled ‘ Shock and Awe’ . I cried. Just standing there as the water flowed from my eyes, just like when I told my Dad a few years later that his wife of 64 years was dead… and how it stampeded from the his tear ducts.

Watching those marchers, right out of 1930s Germany, complete with the similar mantra and accompanying equipment, was too difficult to digest. This was 21st Century America, or shall I say Amerika? Those foolish followers of Heir Hitler shouted ‘ Blood and Soil’ , many of them with not a ‘ Pot to Piss in’. Well, so it is for these new minions of the Super Rich. What both those storm troopers of 90 years ago and this new breed of lemmings should be saying is ” Yeah , Our blood and Their soil!” as to who really calls the shots for their actions. Sure as hell ain’t the Jews… very few of them are allowed in that club!