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How funny was the Seinfeld show’s episode on the Bizarro world? People who physically resembled the real Jerry and  his three friends in a cartoonish way, with their character traits being the opposite, was fantastic. If you recall, the Bizarro folks were into sharing and not self absorbed at all. They not only cared about each other more than even themselves, but they cared about the world around them. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer were, as the late and great psychiatrist Dr. Albert Ellis would say, ‘ Too wrapped up in their own navels!!’

Well, here you have it in regards to this current president and his gang. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in China, all Trump and crew did was deny how powerful and contagious it was. In February Trump and his legions stood in front of cameras consistently calling it all a Hoax. Larry Kudlow, his advisor and Wall Street know it all, said the virus was ‘ Under control’ in late February. All we heard from the countless right wing talking heads throughout the Spring was how this was virtually a ‘ Scam’ by the Democrats to shut down our economy and make Trump lose the election. They totally discounted the need for masks, so they never bothered to do what they should have done by beginning the manufacture of them. Why buy hundreds of millions of masks when you have a bloated military that could easily do the trick? Ditto for ventilators and hand sanitizers. Instead, we had right wing ‘ Yes Mr. President’ governors, like ours here in Florida, who pushed to open up the economy. All the CDC experts cautioned against this, but… Calvin Coolidge said it best that ” The business of America is business”.

As soon as the figures for new cases of the virus were trending slightly downward, great leaders like DeSantis of Florida said ‘ Full speed ahead ‘ and got the schools and of course the bars to reopen. POTUS continued to make fun of mask wearing and the power of the pandemic, but not to Bob Woodward of course. He told a totally different story, and this would be the best case for impeachment, not the Russia did it nonsense. Baby boomers and students of the Vietnam ( Phony ) War can remember this chant: ” Hey Hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today!”  When he recovers from the virus POTUS should be hearing a similar chant outside of his White House window. Disgraceful! Not just for Trump but the whole damn crew on his Titanic! Shame of them all!

This writer does not wish ill for POTUS or any of his gang of  self serving and greedy hypocrites. No,  as with all those struggling with this terrible virus, I hope that he recovers quickly along with  the others in his entourage. Will he and they  then have the epiphany so needed… not only for themselves and their salvation but for the rest of us? If not, then let Karma continue to perform its task and push the whole mess of them out of power. So sad that we are trapped in this Bizarro Amerika.