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Everyone should view Wagner DeAssis’s 2011 Portuguese film Astral City… especially those of us who dissent against injustice. Isn’t that a contradiction, some would ask? Perhaps, if dissent is meant to be the sole possession of atheists, agnostics and 100% humanists. Yet, for those of us who study the teachings of many religions, especially Christianity,  Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism to name but a few, maybe belief in a spiritual universe and the need to speak out against injustice does in fact go ‘ hand in hand’. Yes, violence without the need for absolute self defense is never a spiritual tool. Never! We can get into the semantics of what is ‘ self defense ‘ some other time. However, what the Bush and Cheney gang did to justify their pre-emptive attack on Iraq can never be deemed ‘ self defense’ , regardless if you are a humanist, atheist or spiritual seeker… or just a plain old disbeliever.

In the film Astral City one sees how the soul or spirit does live on forever, and , in a much more ‘enlightened place than this our 3rd dimension. It explains how our everlasting being must travel upwards, through many obstacles and misunderstandings, into increasingly higher levels of consciousness. When Jesus mentioned ” There are many mansions in my Father’s kingdom and I have chosen one for you “ he was speaking of just that: Like water seeking its own level, our spirit does the same in the realms of afterlife. The film Astral City is based upon the writings of the author/medium Chico Xavier and his contact with a spirit named Andre from the other side of this veil of dreams. Extremely scientific in substance, the messages from the other side are more than just what many may call ‘ Lovey dovey spiritual dribble ‘ . To this writer, who has spent his entire adult life studying metaphysics and spirituality, the film and the books by Xavier are quite revealing.

One realizes that to many activists, investigative researchers and others on the ‘ Left ‘, all of the above is purely either myth or misdirection and disinformation. Yet, when one examines what is expressed in the viewpoint of there being a highly ordained afterworld , one can see that the need for justice is not limited to the divine. No, on the contrary, one of the major reasons for us to be living in this 3rd dimension and in these highly evolved bodies and minds is the quest for justice. What Astral City and Xavier’s books teach is that along with that quest, there must be an even  greater one for forgiveness and unconditional love. As stated in the film and books, the old biblical adage of ‘ What ye sow so shall ye reap ‘ is exactly what is real. We are all given free will when we are born into these mortal lives , and as the great Indian Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda taught, we are all actors, writers and directors in this film called  life. HIs interpretation of Karma is exactly congruent with what is expressed in Astral City. Thus, to be believers in justice and fairness goes 1000% along with what our earthly purpose must be. It is  hatred that must be worked out for us to fully evolve on this plane of existence. The Two Party/One Party politicos like the Bushes and Cheneys, along with the Super Rich Fat Cats of our nation, are war mongers and must be challenged.  On a more spiritual level one can ascertain that these souls are insane to have become so evil, going against their divine heritage. Frederick Douglass said it best: ” Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has. It never will.”

Food for thought indeed.
PA Farruggio