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In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland Alice chases the white rabbit and falls down the well into a world of silliness and nonsense. Not so for our dear Amerika and us working stiffs. The world that we have found ourselves in may be nonsensical, but surely much more than silly! In fact, all the good and decent working stiffs who make up the overwhelming majority of this nation should be like young Alice in one respect. That being to see through this Military Industrial Empire which is literally enslaving us towards out and out feudalism! The corporations we have to deal with screw us each and every chance they get. The owners of this economy have deunionized us, part- timed many of us, foreclosed us into becoming their renters, consumerized us with 24/7 shopping, electronically mangled us with those 24/7 gadgets that many of us carry and/or wear like badges of honor, irradiated us with 4G and now 5G dangerous devices to our health… you get my drift?

Sitting there, with my fellow Socialist friend Jay on the phone, as we viewed this newest  Misstate of the Union , perhaps Lewis Carroll was correct. We have landed in place of nonsense, silliness and tragic forbearing. To see this president shoveling out the manure of what his regime has done to ‘ Save America and the planet’, while honoring the low base life of someone like Russ Limbaugh, was enough for even a white rabbit or Cheshire cat. One needs to watch videos of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, and see where Mr. Trump has copied that demeanor to the point of absurdity. He has become a caricature of himself! Sadly, because of the Two Ring Circus this empire has created and nurtured, many working stiffs follow this Pied Piper right over the cliffs of reason! Why not, when the other ring, the Democrats, are equally full of ****! We have NO democracy as the bought and paid for phony and embedded- in -empire media has been asking us to drink that Kool Aid for generations!

One must go out and get Aaron Glantz’s new book, Homewreckers, to see how this 2 Party/1 Party con job operates. See how both the Bush Jr and Obama administrations just opened up the candy store for men like Steve Mnuchin ( current Sec. of Treasury) and the slew of vulture capitalists. Glantz shows how much of our working stiff tax money went down that rabbit hole to allow these sharks to profit on the misery of millions. The book documents how the invasion of mega corporate landlords has been allowed to prosper under not only Bush Jr and Obama, but on steroids under the Trump gang. Yes dear fellow Amerikans, feudalism is alive and well in this the 21st Century. Meanwhile, the party opposite, the Democrats, continue to do nothing about this pandemic. Why should many of them? Most of their ilk, just like the Republicans, are millionaires, with no worries about paying too high rents to landlords they do NOT even know how to identify.

At the Misstate of the Union last night we saw that row of fruit salad wearing generals sitting there with  stalwart looks on their faces. Reminded me of those generals of the Wehrmacht, the ones who survived Hitler’s purges, and how they kowtowed to their Fuehrer. It seems everyone from all facets of this government, regardless of which of the two parties is in control, is subservient to the empire. If only the truth could ring out that We have NOT been at war since WW2! Trump then had the audacity to honor our military for being in places they had no right being sent to, and how they are ‘ fighting the good fight’ to keep the world safe for all our corporations. He went on to praise our border patrol and how many ‘ smugglers’ they captured, while they, like those generals, participated in the detention of little children whisked away from their mothers. As to the ‘ Party in Opposition’ , the Democrats, they do care more about those poor kids. Yet, they have remained silent when Bush Jr, Obama and now Trump’s war machine bombed the **** out of little Middle Eastern children, and even pregnant mothers, in this convoluted ‘ War on Terror’ .

From Alice in Wonderland: ” What’s up is down. What’s down is up.”

Nuff Said.

PA Farruggio
February 5, 2020