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In Mark Wortman’s impressive historical account of the lead-up to WW2 here in America, 1941 , Fighting the Shadow War, one becomes amazed at what went on then. We can still have debates as to whether the US should have gotten into the European conflict or not before December 7th, 1941. Obviously, once the Japanese attacked our naval base at Pearl Harbor, the Germans then declared war on us. Yet, up until that moment our nation was as divided as we are now, but for different reasons and issues. On page 126 of Wortman’s book we read about the attitude of one Charles Lindbergh, hero aviator and ‘ America First’ spokesman. The 1940 presidential election was becoming a very close race between FDR, attempting his 2nd re-election, and Republican Wendell Willkie. Willkie had flip flopped during that campaign season on the issue of US intervention . .. First he approved of FDR’s plan to sell old US destroyers and other needed goods to the Brits in return for many of their overseas bases ( The Lend Lease Plan). Then, when the movers and shakers of the Republican Party ‘ Schooled him’, Willkie did an about face and protested the moves by FDR. The 1940 election then became very close indeed. After having been ill advised about our sending troops etc to Europe during WW1, many Americans did not wish us to get involved again in any European conflict… and rightly so.. until Pearl Harbor.

Lindbergh actually said the following on the evening of the 1940 election: ” Democracy as we have known it is a thing of the past… a political system based on universal franchise would not work in the United States… one of the first steps must be to disenfranchise the Negro.” Lindbergh went on that evening to express his feelings about ” The Jewish problem and how it should be handled in this country.” He was convinced that Jews exercised outsized influence relative to their numbers. He was particularly worried about what he believed to be their control of newspapers, newsreels, and advertising. This was, at that time, actually untrue. Other than the New York Times and many prominent Hollywood movie studios, Jews had NO measurably media ownership. He then wrote: ” Were it not for the Jews in America we would not be on the verge of war today.”

If one studies the rank and file of most of today’s white supremacist groups, one sees the merging of Anti Black and Anti Jewish sentiment. Do you recall the August 12, 2017 Charlottesville march? That particular event showcased the ‘ Jews will not replace us’ and ‘ Blood and Soil ‘ mantras as they marched with torches held high. Lindbergh would have been proud. All the rhetoric on needing a border wall and cutting of entitlements has been gravy to this puree of racism and anti Semitism. Sadly, the January 6th riot revealed just how deep that wound has travelled inside the body politic of this republic. Imagine how many of my fellow lifetime Lefties , yours truly included, had to bite our lips and vote for Neo Cons like Joe Biden , just to insure that the demonic Trump and his swamp were drained a bit. They are really not that drained , as that Grand Old Party has been relabeled The Neo Fascist Party. Again, Charles Lindbergh would be more than proud. How many of my neighbors and acquaintances would agree to that?  HORRIFIC!

Philip A. Farruggio
May 2021