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We were all taught in grade school of the story of the ‘Trojan Horse’. In its war with Troy the Greeks built a gift of a giant horse. They informed the Trojans that, after 10 years of war, they had had enough. Once inside of Troy, the Greek horse, filled with armed men, attacked the unknowing Trojans.

As with most of our modern-day presidential elections, the empire chooses candidates from the Two Party/One Party system. These two, regardless of how different they may appear, both are sure to serve their Military Industrial Empire handlers. Obviously, after the ‘Horses’s @$$’ won the White House, his megalomania and total indifference to suffering led him right off the reservation. This was NOT exactly what the empire wanted. Yes, they used Trump to make sure they, the true Swamp, got the corporate and personal tax relief they wanted. Factor in Trump’s use of executive power to allow them to run ram shod over age old regulations, and our environment has rapidly gone down the drain. These assurances they orchestrated, but even THEY, the true owners of our country, saw the handwriting on the wall. Trump was TOO terrible! He had to go.

Enter the empire’s Trojan Horse, Sleepy Joe Biden. Good ole dependable Joe always gave the illusion of being for us working stiffs. Wasn’t he even christened ‘Lunchbox Joe’? Yet, we on the real Left in Amerikan politics knew what Biden has always been about. As the Senator from both DuPont and the corporate tax haven of Delaware, Biden was more a traditional Republican than a Democrat. Check out his record folks, on so many issues. The empire loved him for decades. He supported the illegal and immoral war on Iraq, always voting to give more and more of our tax dollars to the Bush/Cheney Cabal. He was the chief Democrat to push for the 2005 Bankruptcy bill that made it extremely difficult for consumers to file for bankruptcy, and not lose it all. At the time, Senators like Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, and Chuck Schumer all voted against that bill.  He was the 2nd biggest recipient in Congress of donations from MBNA, the Delaware based credit card company (later purchased by Bank of America). Spanning his Senate career Biden was high up in the list for campaign donations from the Securities and Investment industries, all part of ‘Wall Street’. Now he is ‘President Elect’, so what can we really expect?

Having said all of the above, this writer had NO choice but to vote for Sleepy Joe and all the Democrats on the ballot on November 3rd. Why? Well, the other choice, another example of this ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ system we live under, has moved so far to the right that they are actually OFF THE RADAR COMPLETELY!  Neo Fascism is now upon us folks. Trump, being the poster boy for this mindset, had to be stopped, along with the sick and demented corporate scum he speaks for. No matter how bad the ‘Trojan Horse’ will become, the empire, or the authentic ‘Deep State’, knows they have to hand out some band-aids for Biden and co. to use. It will be up to us, the (hopefully) awakened public, to get out there and demand progressive changes… and quick! My mantra had recently been for the adoption of a viable Universal Basic Income of anywhere from $ 1200 to $ 2000 per month per citizen, with children (up to 2 per family) receiving half. Without the UBI our economy can never be truly stimulated enough. With it, small businesses will not only survive, but prosper and grow. Imagine the results of such a plan. Yes, there are a slew of ideas needed, like true ‘ Medicare AND Dental Care for All ‘, a Green New Deal, taxing the Mega Millionaires, closing corporate tax loopholes, cutting drastically our obscene military spending and 1000+ bases worldwide, Public Banking (especially community owned and run mortgage banks), Community control of our police, free public education and student loan debt relief, and community owned and run rental property (for residents and small businesses)… to name just a few.

A former talk show host (sadly, a right winger) had the best ending for his show: “Your influence counts… Use it!”

PA Farruggio
Thanksgiving Week 2020